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Taking a gap year, some time off? Not returning to your out-of-state school just yet? Use this time to find your passion. Whet your appetite for learning. Upskill. Or, get some general education completed.

Our faculty are industry icons, nationally recognized experts whose passion for teaching connects you to expansive networks and careers. Our student support systems make sure you have what you need for success.

Learn a little — or a lot — at MSU Denver.

Gap Year is what you make of it. We've got some ideas (see below). Let's go!

JMP 1010: Critical Thinking through 21st Centrury Media

Through the lens of today's media, become a critical media producer and consumer.

HCM 3700: Health Disparities in the U.S.

Analyze health disparities across racial and ethnic groups in the U.S.

SOC 2010 - Current Social Issues

The causes and consequences of major social problems such as crime, family violence, and racial and ethnic conflict.

SOC 3090 - Urban Sociology

Explore the dynamic ways power structures, social organization, and culture change urban life.

CHS 1000 - Intro to Chicana/o Studies

Major historical moments leading to the social location of Mexican-origin population within the United States.

MTR 1600 - Global Climate Change

Global climate change from an Earth systems and atmospheric science perspective.

More Gap Year Options

HCPS 190A: Telehealth from a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Coordinate patient care and solve challenges in evolving models of care.

ITP 1500 - Dynamics of Health

This course investigates contemporary health topics.

BIO 1080 - General Biology I

Cellular and molecular biology, biochemical pathways, and genetics.

HSP 1020 - Trauma Informed Care

Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) and how Human Services professionals utilize it to benefit clients.

BIO 4440 - Virology    

BIO 2400 - General Microbiology      

BIO 2310 - Human Anatomy & Physiology I  

CHE 4350 - Biochemistry Laboratory

CHE 4310 - Biochemistry I     

CHE 3100 - Organic Chemistry I         

MHA 5300 - Health Economics          

MHA 5040 - Population & Community Health          

BIO 1000 - Human Biology for Non-Majors

The principles of the living world, the basic form and function of the human body, and how these two relate.

HCM 2010 - Global Health Systems

Analyze the structure of healthcare systems in industrialized and developing nations.

ITP  3800 - Stress and Sleep

An in-depth study of stress and sleep.

ITP  2820 - Anger in Men

An exploration of responsible anger, cultural perspectives, and self-reflection on one's own anger.

ANT 3375 - Food Cultures

An exploration of food procurement, dietary practices, consumption, and celebration across cultures.

BIO 4350 - Clinical Immunology

Advanced study of the immune response as it relates to clinical disease and immune-based therapies.

CHE 4370 - Research in Chemistry

The application of scientific methodology to chemical problems.

CHE 2100 - Intro Organic/Biological Chem   

Elements of organic and biological chemistry.

PHI 3370: Computers, Ethics, and Society

Discuss the various societal and ethical frameworks that computer use impacts.

HIS 1150: Multicultural America

Explore the political, social and cultural experiences of many American ethnicities

SWK 1050 - How to Change the World         

HSP 1010 - Introduction Human Services

Overview of the Human Services Profession.

GWS 3310 - Women and the Law     

PSY 1150 - Multicultural America      

ANT 1310 - Intro to Cultural Anthropology

Learn about the field of anthropology and its approach to examining other cultures with a focus on holism and cultural relativism.

ANT 3350 - Vanishing Cultures and Peoples

Intense contextual and comparative analysis of the cultures undergoing drastic modification.

SWK 1010 - Introduction to Social Work

Introduction to the social work profession in response to human need, rights, and societal problems.

CJC 1010 - Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

The basic concepts and principles of the criminal justice system.

CJC 2100 - Criminal Law

Common law and statutory law crimes, the Model Penal Code, and elements of defining crimes and penalties.

SOC 3410 - The Family in Society

Study of the changing nature of the family in society.

HCM 3150 - Health Care Org & Mgmt.

Organizational structure of the health care field and management practices.

HCM 3030 - Health Care Jurisprudence

Legal and ethical issues in the management and delivery of health care services.

GWS 3780 - Gender and Disaster

The experiences of girls and women before, during, and after disastrous events.

CAS 3160 - Communication in Politics

The complexities of communication strategies used by governmental bodies.

GEG 1000 - World Regional Geography        

CJC 3440 - American Gangsters

Examine the nature and causes of gangs.

HIS 1045 - Europe, Renaissance to Present

This course examines the political, cultural, economic, social, and intellectual history of Europe.

HIS 1030 - World History to 1500

Introduction to the world’s civilizations and their development before 1500 from a broad, comparative framework.

ENG 2810 - Vampire Films

ENG 2850 - International Film

ENG 2860 - Intro to Film & Media Studies

ENG 3770 - Multicultural Cinema

COMM 1010: Presentational Speaking

Design and deliver effective, ethical presentations.

EDT 3010 - Integr Edu Technol In Teaching

An overview of the advancement of technology in the digital age for educators.   

CLD 3910 - Assessment of ELL

Assessment techniques for English Language Learner teachers to develop effective instruction.

CLD 3510 - CLD Perspectives in Education

Introduction to language acquisition and teaching theory.

SED 3600 - Ex Learners in the Classroom

A survey of various exceptionalities within learners.

COMM 2770 - Gender and Communication

The affect of gender on communication and issues of power, conflict, stereotypes, and cultural patterns on relationships and identity.

PSY 2240 - Parenting Techniques

The role of parents and how cultural variations influence parenting.

EDU 2111- Becoming an Elementary Teacher

The role of the 21st century teacher and contemporary educational trends.

BUS 2250 - Personal Money Management

Estate planning, credit usage, making major purchases, buying insurance, making investments and planning retirement.

AES 1040 - Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Operational knowledge of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

MTH 1610 - Integrated Mathematics I          

PSY 3010 - Res Methods in Psych Science

Gain knowledge in research ethics, basic sampling procedures, measurement, and research design.

CIS 2010 - Computer Applications for Business

Business information systems including hardware, software, and productivity.

CIS 1010 - Introduction to Computers

Introduction to the personal computer with application software.

FIN 2250 - Personal Money Management

The identification and solution of personal financial problems.

CAS 1710 - Interpersonal Communication

Develop basic communication skills in listening, assertive communication, self-analysis and dealing appropriately with conflict.

CHE 2150 - Intro to Orgnc & Bio Chem Lab

Laboratory-based study of the elements of organic and biological chemistry.

CJC 1450 - Introduction to Corrections

History of institutional and community-based corrections in the United States.

ECO 2010 - Principles of Macroeconomics

Introductory analysis of the economy as a whole.

ENG 1010 - Composing Arguments

Read, summarize, and analyze texts and generate, organize, and produce writing for appropriate audiences.

ENG 1020 - Research and Argument Writing

The process of writing extended essays supported by research.

HIS 1600 - Women in World History

The role, experiences, and contributions of women in the family, the economy, the culture, the religions and the political structure.

JMP 1000 - Intro to Journalism & Mass Med

The historical development of journalism and mass media and its relationship to contemporary society.

JMP 1450 - Media Literacy and Communication

Basic Internet standards and refine electronic communication skills using digital media and current online technologies.

JMP 2610 - Intro to Technical Writing

Analyze and produce clear and effective technical and scientific documents and materials.

MUS 1000 - Introduction to Music

The function, structure, style and genre classifications, and aesthetic interpretations of musical traditions.

MUS 1050 - History of Rock and Roll

The origins and history of Rock and Roll.

NUT 2040 - Introduction to Nutrition

The fundamental concepts of human nutrition, including digestion, absorption, metabolism, and the function of nutrients.

PSY 1001 - Introductory Psychology

The scientific study and understanding of human behavior.

PSY 2210 - Psychology Human Development

The development of behavior from conception through maturity and death.

PSY 2310 - Stat Social Behavior Sciences

Statistical measurement and analysis in the social and behavioral sciences.

SWK 1600 - Community Engmng & Civic Resp

A community oriented, service learning experience from a social work perspective.

CHE 1100 - Principles of Chemistry

Study of the fundamentals of chemistry.

HON 1013 - Public Speaking

Design and deliver effective, ethical presentations.

HON 2040 - Introduction to Nutrition

Fundamental concepts of human nutrition, including digestion, absorption, metabolism, and the function of nutrients.

HON 2750 - History of the Self

Grand narratives impact on subjectivity over time.

HON  391S - Freedom and Sin at the Cinema

Moral psychology through the lens of the classic 1950s and 1960s cinema.

HON 39AD - Being with Others

Focus on the complex nature of our social lives.

HON 39AC - Exploring Community Engagement

Explore the importance of place and identity.

ACC 2010 – Principals of Accounting I

Financial accounting and reporting as tools to aid external decision making, financial analysis, and interpretation.

BUS 1850 – Introduction to Business

Operating a business and discussion of the contemporary issues facing businesses.

BUS 1950 – Business Communication

Communication within a business environment—especially writing, listening, speaking, nonverbal and interpersonal communication.

CIS 2010 - Foundations of Information Systems

Computer hardware and software, and use of productivity tools and the Internet to solve business problems.

MKT 1250 - Introduction to Sales

Professional selling and the consumer and business buyer perspectives. Students meet industry representatives during classroom discussions.

MKT 2010 – Marketing Around the Globe

Essential concepts of global marketing with the aid of extensive, real-life examples.

MGT 2500 - Fundamentals of Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Identify business opportunities, markets, and competition. Know how to start, promote, and operate a business.

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