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Helping Families Thrive


Since 1994, Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Family Literacy Program has helped break the cycle of intergenerational poverty by building the literacy skills of whole families—parents and their children. By emphasizing learning within a family context, the Family Literacy Project enhances the relationships between parents and children and strengthens parents’ roles as supporters of their children’s education.

all parents want their children to be succesful, but...

The Family Literacy Program offers four comprehensive home- and school-based literacy programs designed to give at-risk children and their parents the educational and life proficiencies they need to be successful:

  • Parents as Teachers (PAT) Home Visit Program

  • Family focused Early Childhood Education

  • Families Learning Together program located in DPS buildings --featuring a NW Denver Center and a West Central Denver Center

  • GED in Spanish

  • The intergenerational nature of the program contributes to academic success for children, self-sufficiency for parents and a greater commitment to education by the entire family.


MSU Denver Family Literacy in the news

In February 2015, CBS did a write up on the MSU Denver Family Literacy Program for its Metropolitan State University of Denver Community Game Changer series.  

A link to the article is here, 

A link to the video is here, Metroplitan State University of Denver Family Literacy Community Game Changer 


Parents as Teachers (PAT) Home Visits

For over thirteen years, the Family Literacy Program's PAT program has provided the educational and developmental tools disadvantaged Denver children need to improve their chances for success when they enter elementary school.

The PAT Program provides home visits to families with children ages five and under living in Denver's public housing developments and nearby communities. By educating parents in their home, adults acquire the skills to become their child's first and most important teachers. Parents and children conduct joint home assignments that stimulate early childhood learning.


Families Learning Together

In this school-based program, children (kindergarten through third grade) and their parents attend school at the same time. Children receive literacy education in the classroom, while parents work to improve their English and learn how to support their children's language and literacy development. Twice a week parents participate in interactive literacy activities in the child’s classroom.

This program has resulted in significant literacy gains by adults and children; participating children exceed their peers in academic performance, motivation to learn, attendance and classroom behavior. The Families Learning Together Program is located in DPS buildings--featuring a NW Denver Center, a SW Denver Center, and a West Central Denver Center.


Family Focused Early Childhood Education

This component of Families Learning Together provides quality early education for one to five-year-olds, while parents enrolled in Families Learning Together attend English as a Second Language or Parent Time educational activities. Parents visit the early learning classroom twice weekly, to participate in interactive, child-centered activities which help promote a young child’s social, emotional and cognitive development.

A well-trained staff works with youngsters in the areas of personal connections; relationships and communication; exploration and problem solving; and movement/coordination. While parents learn how to support their children's emerging literacy skills, their very young children are developing the competencies they will need to succeed in school and later in life.


GED in Spanish

MSU Denver Family literacy offers General Educational Development (GED) preparation in Spanish. This adult education component helps improve older youth and adults’ chances for employment, and builds the literacy skills parents need to help their children reach age-appropriate developmental and learning levels.

Metropolitan State University of Denver Family Literacy Slideshow

MSU Denver Family Literacy Slideshow


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For more information:

For more information please contact the Metropolitan State University of Denver Office of Development - 303.556.8424


Program Contact Person:

Dr. Adriann Wycoff, Director

Phone: 303.556.2142


Quigg Newton Community Center:

Phone:  303.458.8063
Fax:  303.455.6646

Physical Address:

4440 Navajo Street
Denver, CO 80211

Mailing Address:
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Family Literacy Program
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The Family Literacy Program is an initiative of the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences at Metropolitan State University of Denver.