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Financial Building Blocks

Steps to Buying a Home

Budgeting Workshop If you are like us, we never learned how to budget from our families. In this workshop, we discuss how to manage your money better to reach your short- and long-term goals like paying for school and buying a home! 

Buying a home: Part One Buying a house is a goal for many first-generation students, but we may not know the process and opportunities to make this goal possible. Join us for Buying a Home workshops to obtain important information from experts on the steps to buying a home! Participants must attend both workshops. 

Buying a home: Part Two 


Money Mindset Join us for a discussion surrounding the importance of a money mindset, saving ideas and tips, Q&As, and problem-solving.  

Repaying Loans  Learn about the steps to take when repaying your loans, the different repayment options, and important tips to avoid default. 


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