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Roadrunners First

The Roadrunners First Committee at MSU Denver was created to bring visibility to the first-generation identity. Collaborating with faculty, staff, and students, we hope to challenge perceptions about who our first-generation students are and what they can accomplish. The Roadrunners First Committee’s mission is to create a campus environment in which first generation college students feel that they belong and have value.

Roadrunner First Faculty/Staff Training

Roadrunners First is designed to help bring visibility to the first generation identity and provide faculty and staff with tools to support first generation students. Please sign up here to attend one of or sessions.

Dates include:

· October 11th 9-11 am- Kat and Salina

· October 17th 3-5 pm- Adrian and Tisha

· December 10th 10-12 pm- Sam and Raquel

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