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Short Term Loan: Application

You may also download the form in Acrobat Reader by clicking the following link.


Short Term Loan Application

The Short Term Loan Application and Letter of Understanding are available in Adobe PDF format. You will need to download the Adobe Reader free software if you do not already have it.


• Must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours at MSU Denver for the corresponding semester.

• Must have previously completed at least 6 credit hours of coursework at MSU Denver.

• Must have a complete financial aid file with approved awards pending disbursement 

-or- qualifying on/off campus employment to use as collateral.

•In order to use off-campus employment as a source of collateral, students must submit their two most recent paystubs with the Short Term Loan Application/Letter of Understanding, as well as meet all other eligibility criteria. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis pending employment verification.

• Cannot be on academic probation or financial aid suspension (below 67% cumulative completion rate and/or 2.0 cumulative GPA.) and must be in good financial standing with the institution.

 • Can borrow up to $515.00 (minus a $15.00 processing fee) for each Short Term Loan.

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