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Unusual Enrollment History

Unusual Enrollment History

The U.S. Department of Education has established regulations to prevent fraud and abuse in the Federal Student Aid program by identifying students with unusual enrollment histories. Some students who have an unusual enrollment history have legitimate reasons for their enrollment at multiple institutions. However, such an enrollment history requires our office to review your file in order to determine future federal financial aid eligibility. If selected by the Department of Education, this must be resolved before you will receive financial aid.

At times, students are selected for unusual enrollment history after their financial aid has already been awarded. In these cases future financial aid disbursements will be held until your file is reviewed and resolved. If it is determined that you are ineligible for financial aid based on unusual enrollment history, any previous awarded and disbursed financial aid for the academic year will be returned to the appropriate sources and future disbursements will be cancelled. You will be provided with the opportunity to complete a semester of 6+ hours out of pocket to demonstrate your ability to earn academic credit successfully, at which point your unusual enrollment history can be re-appealed.


Definition of Unusual Enrollment History

The specific pattern the Department of Education uses to select students includes those students who have received a Federal Pell Grant and/or Federal Direct Loans at multiple institutions during the past four academic years. Once the Department of Education has indicated that a student has an unusual enrollment history, the Financial Aid Office must take action and review the academic history prior to determining federal financial aid eligibility for that student.


Appeal Process and What Will be Required of You

If selected to complete an Unusual Enrollment History Appeal (UEHAP), our office will notify you of what is required via a Missing Information Email sent to your student email account. You are required to have received academic credit at any institution you received the Federal Pell grant or Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized loan while attending in those relevant academic years. If you are uncertain which schools will be relevant to your appeal you may review your Federal financial aid history at An example of a Financial Aid History summary is below:


Our office will check your financial aid history at all previous institutions that you attended during the last four financial aid years and you need to ensure that MSU Denver has received all official transcripts for those schools. Once all transcripts have been received, our office will verify that academic credit was received at each institution during the relevant years. Unofficial copies of any outstanding transcripts can also be submitted to our office with your UEHAP. If you failed to earn academic credit at any institution where you received a federal Pell grant or Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized loan during the relevant award years, you will need to provide a statement explaining the circumstance for credit not earned along with any relevant documentation using the Unusual Enrollment History Appeal (UEHAP) form.


Regaining Federal Student Aid Eligibility

Students that have been denied federal student aid based on an Unusual Enrollment History Appeal have the ability to regain financial aid eligibility by successfully completing one semester of at least 6 credits with at least a 2.0 semester GPA (2.25 GPA for students who do not have a good SAP status). Students can also obtain at least half time credit receiving at least a 2.0 GPA at another institution, at which point you may submit another UEHAP. If credit was obtained at a college other than MSU Denver, you must submit a transcript for review.

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