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Repeat Coursework


Per federal regulations (34 CFR Section 668.2) schools are required to keep track of students repeating courses while on financial aid. Repeated courses count toward a student's enrollment status, changing their possible eligibility for enrollment based programs.

Repeated coursework that falls under the following conditions cannot be included in a student's enrollment status for Title IV Federal Aid eligibility:

  • Failed courses can be repeated with financial aid coverage multiple times until a passing grade is received.
  • Courses that have ever received a passing grade may be retaken only once more and be covered by financial aid. Any additional repeats will not be eligible for financial aid.

The awards that are effected by this regulation are:

  • Federal Pell Grant (PELL)
  • MSU Denver Need Grant (MNEED)
  • Colorado College Responsibility Grant (CCRG)
  • Federal Supplemental Opportunities Grant (SEOG)
  • Work-Study (CWS, NNWS, FWS)
  • Subsidized Stafford Loan (SDL, SMSDL, GSDL, SMGDSL)
  • Unsubsidized Stafford Loan (UDL, SMUDL, GUDL, SMGUDL)
  • Federal Parent PLUS Loan (PDL, SMPDL)
  • Federal PLUS Graduate Loan (GPDL, SMGPDL)
  • Federal TEACH Grant (TEACH)
  • Federal TEACH Grant Summer (STEACH)

The following external scholarships are also effected:

  • Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF)
  • CollegeInvest (CINVST)
  • CollegeInvest Colorado Early Achievers Scholarship (CICEAS)
  • College Access Challenge Grant (EduCents)

Federal Title IV aid will be recalculated based on the student's adjusted enrollment status. This recalculation will be applied regardless of whether a student received aid for previous course enrollments.

For example: A student is enrolled in 12 credits and 3 credits of her enrollment is for a financial aid ineligible repeated course. The student’s grants will be prorated to ¾ time amounts instead of full-time amounts.

If a student enrolls in 6 credits and 3 of those credits is for a financial aid ineligible repeated course, the student will not be able to receive Stafford Loans and grants will pay out at less than half-time amounts.

To learn more on how enrollment status affects financial aid awards view the Financial Aid and Enrollment Chart.

Some courses are repeatable per university policy and are not restricted by these regulations. Students will be notified if they are receiving Title IV aid and enrolled in non-repeatable coursework for a term.

See the below examples for how the Repeated Coursework Policy affects financial aid:

Example 1: A student has received an "F" in a class. He receives an "F" in the same class next semester, and the semester following that. Financial aid will count those courses toward his enrollment for programs that require certain enrollment statuses. After the fourth try, the student receives a "D". The student decides that he will try to get a better grade next semester. The following semester, he receives another "F". Financial aid will no longer pay for that course for subsequent semesters.

Example 2: A student has received a "C" in a class. She takes the class again in hoping to achieve a better grade but then receives an "F" in the same class next semester. Financial aid will not pay for the course again. The student would be responsible for payment of the course if they register for it again. NOTE: Last Grade Stance will take effect and the "C" will be replaced by the "F".

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