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Financial Aid Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to many of the most commonly asked questions regarding financial aid at MSU Denver.


How do I get my money?

  • Students who have signed up for Direct Deposit will have their funds directly deposited into their checking or savings account.
  • Students who did not sign up for the Direct Deposit will have their refund check mailed out the Friday after their funds disburse 

  Please contact the Office of the Bursar for assistance on how to set up Direct Deposit

How do I get a scholarship?

Scholarships are awarded to qualified students who have applied for a scholarship and have been selected by the scholarship committee. Most scholarships are based on merit (your GPA). Please read about campus-based scholarships at our Scholarship page. You can also do a scholarship search on the Internet at


Why didn't I get a grant?

Grants are need-based aid. If your income (or your parents' income, if you are dependent) was too high based on the number of people in the family and the number attending college at least half time, you will not be eligible for grant aid.


My parents don't support me. Why do I need their information on the FAFSA?

The Federal Government has guidelines that determine whether you are dependent or independent. Generally, if you are under the age of 24, not married, have no dependents, have not been in the military, are not an orphan, and were not a ward of the court until you were 18, you are considered a dependent student and must include your parent's information on the FAFSA.

Students who are unable to obtain all of the required parental information for the FAFSA may have access to borrow a Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan only.   Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for additional information.


How can I be independent?

Although your status is based on Federal guidelines, it may be possible for you to be independent through a process called "professional judgment." If you have extenuating family circumstances, independent status may be granted. Please refer to the Request for Independence section for more information. If you have further questions or would like to proceed with this option, please contact one of our Financial Aid Counselors.


What is an EFC?

The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is a measure of your family's financial strength and is calculated according to a formula established by the Federal Government.  The EFC is used by the University to determine your financial aid eligibility and awards.  The information you provide on your FAFSA (taxed and untaxed income, assets and benefits such as unemployment or Social Security and family size) is considered in the formula. 

Your EFC is not the amount your family will be expected to pay to the University for your education nor is it the amount of aid you will receive.


Do I get the whole amount of my budget in aid?

Most students do not get the full amount of their budget in aid. Student financial aid is intended to help students to gain a college education. Because there is not enough money to fully fund every student, aid is awarded based on need. Please refer to the Awarding Process section for more information.


I took out a student loan at another college. Why do I have to do an entrance interview again for MSU Denver?

It is our policy to require every first-time borrower at MSU Denver to complete an entrance interview.


How many credits do I need to take to get a student loan?

As an undergraduate student, you must be enrolled in at least 6 credits at MSU Denver each semester you wish to receive a loan. As a graduate student you must be enrolled in at least 3 graduate level credits to be eligible for a student loan.


Do I need to be registered to get a loan?

Although you do not need to be registered to turn in a loan application, your application will not be processed until you are enrolled in at least half time at MSU Denver. Your loan funds will not be disbursed to you if you are not enrolled in at least, 6 credits as an undergraduate student or 3 graduate level credits as a graduate student, when your Direct Loan funds are transmitted to MSU Denver.


What happens if I withdraw from all my classes or get all F's?

If you withdraw from all your classes and/or receive all F’s you will go through a calculation determining how much aid you earned and how much you will owe back. For a more detailed explanation as to the policy and procedure of withdrawals please refer to our website at 

Please come visit with a Financial Aid counselor if you are thinking about withdrawing. Financial Aid counselors are available to sit down with you to discuss your situation Monday - Friday 8am-5pm. 


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