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Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

You may submit a Fall 2011 Appeal.

The deadline for Fall 2011 SAP Appeals to be submitted is December 1, 2011

The deadline for Spring 2012 SAP Appeals to be submitted is May 1, 2012

The deadline for Summer 2012 SAP Appeals to be submitted is August 1, 2012



Street Address:


Student ID:


Email Address:

Your Student Level:

The semester you would like to receive Financial Aid for:


Please explain in detail and submit documentation of the extenuating circumstances that resulted in your financial aid suspension status. Also, indicate how these circumstances have changed so that you can comply with Satisfactory Academic Progress in the future. You must read and agree to the acknowledgment statement below. (It would be most beneficial to the Office of Financial Aid and you, if you type this appeal in Microsoft Word then copy and paste it into the text box below. If you need to submit supporting documentation with your appeal, it would be best to send it via fax or submit it in person)


By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. I further agree and understand that I am currently out of compliance with this policy. I certify that any information and/ or documentation submitted in support of this appeal is true and correct. And, I understand that any future suspensions under the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy may result in the loss of my eligibility for financial aid.

NOTE: This is a secure transaction. Submitted information is encrypted while in transit over the network.

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