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How to keep track of your Federal Student Loan Debt on NSLDS:

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) will provide you with outstanding loan amounts and loan holder information for every federal student loan you ever borrow. You will need your FSA ID in order to log into your NSLDS account at

After reviewing your loan portfolio on NSLDS, you will need to contact your loan servicer regarding all questions or concerns.  For a complete list of loan servicers for federally held loans made through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program visit

It is the borrower's responsibility to check this website regularly for any and all federal aid information and updates.

Below are step-by-step instructions on checking your federal student loan portfolio and determining your federal loan servicer through NSLDS.


Go to and click the 'Financial Aid Review' button in the bottom-middle of the page.

Screenshot 1:

After reading the privacy information and agreeing to it, click the 'Accept' button.

Screenshot 2:


After entering in your information, click the 'Submit' button. Please note that you will be asked for your FSA ID and Password when filling out the FAFSA. If you have forgotten your FSA ID or need more information, please visit the FSA ID website.

Screenshot 3:



Once you are logged in, you will be able to view information about your federal student loans and any Pell grants you have received. Click on the number box to the left of the loan for which you want to view servicer information for repayment and other details specific to that loan.

Screenshot 4:

The 'Current Servicer' is who you will need to contact for loan repayment information.

Screenshot 5:

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