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Learning Objectives


Students of Finance will develop these skills:

  • ability to organize, analyze and interpret numerical and financial data
  • sound decision-making abilities
  • aptitude for detail and accuracy
  • proficiency in oral and written communications with the ability to explain complex financial transactions and data to others
  • knowledge of economics and accounting in addition to finance
  • demonstrate the ability to organize, analyze and draw appropriate conclusions from financial information
  • apply foundation knowledge and skills necessary to identify problems and generate feasible alternatives
  • demonstrate the ability to apply financial information to recommend and justify solutions to financial problems

College of Business Bachelor of Science Degree Programs

The learning objectives of the business program provide students with the opportunity to:

  • obtain, understand and apply information from the liberal arts, sciences, business and discipline-specific courses to organized issues and situations.
  • explain how ethical, legal, political, regulatory, social, global, environmental and technological issues influence business decisions.
  • analyze a business problem by incorporating diverse perspectives.
  • apply foundation business knowledge and skills to develop competent decisions in the areas of accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management and marketing.
  • communicate effectively the alternatives considered, a recommended solution, and an implementation strategy in oral, written and electronic form.
  • demonstrate knowledge and skills to meet career needs.
  • exhibit and appreciation for extra-curricular activities and continuous, life-long learning.

The degree requires completion of course work in general studies, the core business disciplines and requirement, a major, and electives. A minor is not required.

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