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Faculty Senate Teaching Excellence Award



Tenure Track


Category II

2018-2019 Ingrid Carter     Wendy Gallagher
  Lisa Hagen      
2017-2018 Sue Barnd Cory Sell Christopher Keelan Ali O'Brien
2016-2017 Jeff Loats Jeff Parker   Sarah Schliemann
2015-2016 Matt Makley Barb EchoHawk    Christine Kuglin
    Rebecca Canges    
2014-2015 Barbara McKenzie Courtney Rocheleau Kayoko Moore  
2013-2014 Cherise Leiter Uwe Kackstaetter Rebecca Cottrell  
2012-2013 Lunden MacDonald Andrew Bonham Christopher Tetro  
    Todd Reimer    
2011-2012 Rebecca Ferrell Annie Butler Jesse Ruderman  
2010-2011 Jennifer Weddig Jeff Loats Katherine Sauer  
2009-2010 Ann Williams David Kish Kristine Reyes  
2008-2009 Bill Baxendale Rebecca Gorman Wendy Gallagher  
2007-2008 Eric Erickson Aaron Richmond Allison Wilder  
    Jeff Simpson    
2006-2007 Nancy Frontczak Cynthia Kuhn Kas Parsons  
2005-2006 Anil Rao Kamran Sahami Jean Ethridge  
2004-2005 Robert Schatz Bruce Degi    


The Faculty Senate is no longer accepting applications for the 2020 Faculty Senate Teaching Excellence Awards.  Please consider applying or nominating fellow-faculty to apply for this recognition of the outstanding efforts faculty make next year.

There are four awards, each for $1500:

  1. Tenured Faculty
  2. Tenure Track Faculty
  3. Category II
  4. Affiliate (part-time)

The Faculty Senate Teaching Excellence Awards are intended to honor individuals who demonstrate excellence in teaching by:

  • Exhibiting knowledge of their subject matter
  • Showing enthusiasm for their subject matter and for imparting that enthusiasm to students
  • Maintaining rigorous academic standards
  • Having a positive impact on students' learning and professional development
  • Showing a commitment to teaching
  • Cultivating accessibility and open rapport with students


Applicants for the tenured and tenure track award must be full-time faculty and have taught a full load or worked an equivalent load during both semesters of 2019-2020. Applicants for the full-time temporary and part-time faculty award must have taught classes during both semesters of 2019-2020. The Teaching Excellence Award Committee is committed to evaluating on-line and hybrid teaching and encourages all faculty to consider applying for this prestigious award.


Application Process

All applications must have been received by Friday February 14, 2020, 11:59 p.m. through the following link:

A complete application will include the following:

  1. Complete SRIs from 2018-2019 calendar year Fall and Spring, or Spring 2019 and Fall 2019 - note, Fall 2019 SRIs will become available on February 7
  2. Syllabus from one class;
  3. Guidelines for one assignment;
  4. Teaching schedule this semester with times and rooms of classes;
  5. Letter of recommendation from someone who has observed the applicant's teaching and is not a student.

Please direct questions to Maggie Thulson, Assistant to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, at 

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