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2020-2021 Executive Committee

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee consists of the Faculty Senate Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary), the Caucus Chairs, the faculty trustee, the CFAC representative, the Graduate Council representative, and the chairpersons of all standing committees or their designees. The last person to serve as president of the Senate prior to the incumbent shall be a member of the Executive Committee ex-officio, with vote, for a period of one year following his/her presidency. 


Faculty Senate Officers

Katia Campbell, 

Vice President 
Liz Goodnick, 

Bill Carnes,


Caucas Chairs

College of Business 
Viktor Kiss, 

Arts and Humanities 
Carrie Colton, 

Physical Sciences 
Michael Jacobs,

Social Sciences 
Chalane Lechuga,

College of Professional Studies 
Zsuzsa Balogh, 

School of Education 
Ellen Spitler,


Board Of Trustees Representative

Bethany Fleck Dillen (Ex-Officio Member),


Colorado Faculty Advisory Council Representative

Jeff London (Ex-Officio Member),


Faculty Senate Standing Committee Chairs

Academic Policies
Richard Russell,

Susan Schelble -

Marin Abell -
Summer Trentin -

Faculty Diversity 
Jovan Hernandez - 

Faculty Welfare 
Gabrielle Katz -

General Studies
Anahi Russo Garrido -

Instructional Resources 
Lincoln Davie -

Multicultural Curriculum Review
Devon Wright - 

Professional Leave
Lisa Ortiz - 

Retention, Tenure, Promotion
Ann Williams - 

Kelly Evans - 

Student Affairs
Chad Kendall - 


Faculty Senate Representative on the Graduate Council

Erin Seedorf - 


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