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                          AWARD RECIPIENTS

FALL 2017

Philip Bernhardt TED3 in SOE
Caleb Cohoe Philosophy
Megan Filbin-Wong Chemistry
Janelle Johnson Secondary Teacher Education
Gabrielle Katz EAS
Joshua Martin Chemistry
Hyon Namgung Criminal Justice & Criminology
Paul Sidelko History
Ethan Tsai Chemistry
David Weiden Political Science

Spring 2018

Mohammed Akacem Economics
Philip Bernhardt TED3 in SOE
Michael Caston Industrial Design
Amy Eckert Political Science
Brendan Fry Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Melissa Masters Nutrition
Susan Bertelsen Human Performance & Sport
Andrew Bonham Chemistry

Fall 2018

Antonio Bellisario Earth & Atmospheric Science
Megan Filbin-Wong Chemistry
Krista Griffin Elementary Education & Literacy
Ting Jiang Sociology and Anthropology
Brenden Kendall Communication Arts & Sciences
Corey Sell Elementary Education & LIteracy
David Weiden Political Science & Native American Studies

 Spring 2019

Stacy Barton Journalism & Tech Comm  
Megan Filbin-Wong Chemistry
Feng Jiang Math & Computer Sciences
Mark Koester Mathematics
Paula McGuire Communication Arts & Sciences
Christine Pink Sociology & Anthropology
Todd Reimer School of Education, Secondary
Justin Stephens History
Michelle Tollefson Health Professions
Peter Vigil School of Education TED2

 Fall 2019

Susan Bertelsen Human Performance and Sport  
Andrew Bonham Chemistry
Megan Filbin-Wong Chemistry
Shinyong (Shawn) Jung HTE
Brenden Kendall Communication Arts & Sciences
Elizabeth Kleinfeld English
Cristina Miguez Modern Languages
Siva Santhanam Communication Arts & Sciences

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