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Provost's Mini Grant/Start Up Fund Grant Program


Please note that the Provost Mini Grant program is currently on pause.


Post-Award Report for Fall 2020

All faculty will submit a brief 1-2 page report describing the completed activities by January 31, 2021. For those who received reassigned time, this report will be uploaded to the “Reassigned Time: Tenure and Tenure-Track Faculty” page in Digital Measures. For those who received start up funds, this report will be uploaded to the “Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research” page in Digital Measures.

Award Recipients

NameDept      Project Title
Antonio Bellisario             
The economic and institutional roots
of water scarcity in Chile
Sue Bertelsen


Mobile Wellness Unit Initiative

Sylvia Brady


Auraria Transportation Survey Research and Design

Caleb Cohoe


Aristotle & Commentators on Understanding
and Immobility: ACLS and Loeb Fellowship Grant
Janelle Johnson


Scaling up MULTI STEM

Megan Lazorski


Investigating the Photoactivity of
Non-Heme Mn(IV)oxo Compounds for Solar Energy Conversion
Vijay Mascarenhas


The Meaning of Life and Death:
Philosophical Perspectives
Vida Melvin


Examining the function of macc1 and ndnf
during zebrafish craniofacial development
Rob Niemeyer


Fractal billiards, fractal flat surfaces and
fractal interval exchange transformations
Maria Rey-Lopez


Spanish Place-names in Colorado

Siva Santhanam


Group Work in the Classroom:
Comparing Experiences of Students with and without Autism
Shalini Srinivasan


Investigating vocational and educational
barriers and supports in first-year chemistry courses
Name            DepartmentProject Title
Lisa Abendroth        Art Design for the Common Good International Exibition
Philip Bernhardt         Secondary Education             School of Education RoadRunners Multicultural Scholars Program
Ingrid Carter Elementary Education   Meeting a Need for Preservice Teachers: Seeking Mentors for Using Science Notebooks 
Caleb Cohoe Philosophy Using Games in Introductory Humanities Courses: HIS Humanities Initiatives 
Jade Hoyer Art Paper Trails: Hand Papermaking and the Environment 
Feng Jiang Computer Sciences Precision Agriculture Using Machine Learning Technique
Joshua Martin Chemistry Experimental Studies of Ultrafast Processes in Non-natural Amino Acids
Paula McGuire SLHS Covert Contract Marking in Typical and Atypical Preschooler's Speech
Ofelia Schepers Elementary Education  Investigating Secondary Traumatic Stress in New Teachers
Justin Stephens History  Pyla - Koutsopetria Archaeological Project 
Kathryn Young Secondary Education  Investigating student teachers' experiences with Trauma Informed Practices
Name Department
Susan Bertelsen Human Performance and Sport
Andrew Bonham Chemistry
Megan Filbin-Wong Chemistry
Shinyong (Shawn) Jung            Hospitality, Events and Tourism
Brenden Kendall Communication Arts & Sciences
Elizabeth Kleinfeld English
Cristina Miguez Modern Languages
Siva Santhanam Communication Arts & Sciences
Stacy Barton Journalism & Technical Communication
Megan Filbin-Wong Chemistry
Feng Jiang Mathematical & Computer Sciences
Mark Koester Mathematical & Computer Sciences
Paula McGuire Communication Arts & Sciences
Christine Pink Sociology & Anthropology
Todd Reimer Secondary Education
Justin Stephens History
Michelle Tollefson Health Professions
Antonio Bellisario Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Megan Filbin-Wong Chemistry
Krista Griffin Elementary Education & Literacy
Ting Jiang Sociology & Anthropology
Brendan Kendall Communcation Arts & Sciences
Corey Sell Elementary Education & Literacy
David Weiden Political Science
Category I - Reassigned Time

The process for Tenure/Tenure-Track Faculty Reassigned Time is handled through Digital Measures. 

  • Log on to Digital Measures
  • From the Manage Activities menu, click the link to Reassigned Time: Tenure and Tenure-Track Faculty

Please note that reassigned time applications should be submitted to Digital Measures after the mini-grant proposal has been approved. 

Category II - Reduced Teaching Load

The process for Category II Reduced Teaching Load is handled through Digital Measures.

  • Log on to Digital Measures
  • From the Manage Activities menu, click the link to Reduced Teaching Load: Category II Faculty.

Please note that reduced teaching load applications should be submitted to Digital Measures after the mini-grant proposal has been approved. 

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