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Faculty Committees

Department RTP Committee Chairs for 2018-2019



Department Name Department RTP Committee Chairs
CBUS Accounting Dr. Tae Ryu
CBUS Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics Dr. George Garman
CBUS Economics Dr. Mohammed Akacem
CBUS Finance Dr. Timothy Mayes
CBUS Management Dr. Johannes Snyman
CBUS Marketing Dr. Sally Baalbaki-Yassine
CLAS Africana Studies Dr. Jacqueline McLeod
CLAS Art Ms. Anne Thulson
CLAS Biology Dr. Doug Petcoff
CLAS Communication Arts & Sciences Dr. Katia Campbell
CLAS              Speech Communication  
CLAS Chemistry Dr. Rosemarie Walker
CLAS Chicana/o Studies none this year
CLAS Earth & Atmospheric Science Dr. Sam Ng
CLAS             Environmental Science  
CLAS             Land Use  
CLAS             Meteorology  
CLAS English none this year
CLAS History Dr. Andrew Muldoon
CLAS Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy none this year
CLAS Mathematics & Computer Sciences Dr. Mark Koester
CLAS             Mathematics  
CLAS             Computer Science  
CLAS Modern Language Dr. Roberto Forns-Broggi
CLAS             French  
CLAS             German  
CLAS             Spanish  
CLAS Music Ms. Mary Beth Krueger
CLAS Philosophy none this year
CLAS Physics Dr. James Dove
CLAS Political Science none this year
CLAS Psychology Dr. Bob Schatz
CLAS Sociology & Anthropology Dr. Todd Yokley
CLAS             Anthropology  
CLAS             Sociology  
CLAS Theatre none this year
CPS Aviation & Aerospace Science Dr. James Simmons
CPS Criminal Justice & Criminology Dr. Denise Mowder
CPS Engineering & Engineering Technology Dr. Runing Zhang
CPS            Civil Engineering Technology  
CPS            Electrical Engineering Technology  
CPS            Mechanical Engineering Technology  
CPS Health Professions Dr. Bruce Rengers
CPS Human Performance & Sport Dr. Joe Quatrochi
CPS Human Services and Counseling Dr. Antonio Ledesma
CPS Hospitality, Tourism & Events none this year
CPS Industrial Design none this year
CPS Journalism & Technical Communication Mr. John Hammond
CPS Nursing Dr. Jean Rother
CPS Nutrition Dr. Jennifer Bolton
CPS Social Work Dr. Kristin Scherrer
SoED-TED1 Elementary Education & Literacy Dr. Tina Herring
SoED-TED2 Special Education, Early Childhood, & Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education Dr. Malinda Jones
SoED-TED3 Secondary Education, K-12 Education, & Educational Technology Dr. Kathryn Young


Faculty Senate Committees for 2018-2019


Academic Policies College/ Term   Email Dept
School Ends
Chad Harris ASA  
Josh Martin CLAS 2021 At Large CHE
Jessica Weiss CLAS 2021 At Large/Chair ART
Richard Russell CBUS 2021 ACC
James Drake CPS 2020 HTE
Roland Schendel EDU 2021 TED1
Henricus Bouwmeester PHYS 2021 M&CS
Vida Melvin PHYS2   At Large (serving AHUM seat) BIO
Connie Sanders Registrar  
John Andres SGA  
Joanne Bailey SOSC 2021 At Large (serving SOSC seat) SWK
Budget College/ Term   Email Dept
School Ends
Andrew Thangasamy SOSC 2021 PSC
Brendan Fry CLAS 2022 MTH
Kara Halley EDU 2021 TED2
Brian Bagwell CPS 2020 HSP
Jim Murphy BUS 2022 Chair ACC
Susan Schelble CLAS 2022 At Large CHE
Randi Brazeau CLAS 2022 At Large EAS
Curriculum College/ Term   Email Dept
School Ends
Randi Brazeau PHYS 2021 EAS
Ellen Spitler EDU 2021 TED1
Troy Morgan CPS2 2021 HPS
Zsuzsa Balogh CPS   Chair CET
Edgar Maldonado CBUS 2019 CISBA
Andrea Maestrejuan CLAS 2020 At Large HIS
Rebecca Nemec CPS 2022 At Large NUR
Lisa Suter CLAS 2021 At Large ENG
Ben Thompson CPS 2022 At Large HPS
Chad Harris ASA  
Meredith Jeffers AHUM 2021 MDL
VACANT     At Large    
Faculty Diversity College/ Term   Email Dept
School Ends
Michael Jacobs PHYS 2021 CHE
Dorothy Shapland EDU 2021 TED2
Andrea Borrego CPS 2020 CJC
Daphne Simmonds CBUS 2021 CISBA
Katia Campbell CLAS 2021 At Large CAS
Maureen Flynn CLAS 2022 At Large PSY
Elizabeth Goodnick CLAS 2019 At Large/Chair PHY
Francisco Barbosa AHUM 2019 HIS
Ad Hoc (non-voting)          
Faculty Welfare College/ Term   Email Dept
School Ends
Jeff Parker CLAS 2020 At Large/Chair THE
Dorothy Shapland EDU 2020 TED2
Azure Avery PHYS 2021 PHY
Robert Schatz SOSC 2020 PSY
XIO CBUS        
Rachel Sinley CPS 2021 NUT
Eileen Starr CPS 2021 SWK
Summer Trentin AHUM 2021 ART
General Studies College/ Term   Email Dept
School Ends
Wilton Flemon CLAS 2021 At Large CHE
Shelley Rohde CLAS 2022 At Large MTH
Vincent Piturro CLAS 2021 At Large/Chair ENG
Nicholas Cachanosky CBUS 2020 ECO
Peter Vigil EDU 2021 CDL
Chad Harris ASA
Gabrielle Katz PHYS 2020 EAS
VACANT     At-Large1    
VACANT     At-Large2
VACANT CPS        
VACANT EC Appt1      
VACANT EC Appt2        
Instructional Resources College/ Term   Email Dept
School Ends
Joanne Bailey CPS 2021 SWK
Peter Vigil EDU 2021 Chair CDL
Douglas Mpondi SOSC 2021 AFS
Andrew Pantos AHUM ENG
Lisa McVicker CBUS MGT
Vida Melvin PHYS BIO
Multicultural Review College/ Term   Email Dept
School Ends
Adriana Nieto SOSC 2020 Chair CHS
Keah Schuenemann PHYS 2021 MTR
Tanya Greathouse CPS 2022 SWK
William Carnes CBUS 2021 MGT
Chad Harris ASA  
Jessica Weiss AHUM 2020 ART
VACANT EDU        
Professional Leave College/ Term   Email Dept
School Ends
Shawn Meek AHUM ART
Eileen Starr Appt-Welfare 2020 SWK
Tara Hammar CPS 2021 At Large HSP
Susan Ahrendt EDU 2022 TED1
Brendan Fry PHYS 2021 Chair MTH
Andrew Thangasamy SOSC 2021 PSC
Alex Fayman CBUS        
Emily Brower CPS NUR
RTP College/ Term   Email Dept
School Ends
Craig Svonkin AHUM 2021 ENG
Ann Williams CLAS 2021 At Large/Chair French
Bill Carnes CBUS 2022 MGT
Lin Huang CPS 2020 ENG
Kara Halley EDU 2020 TED2
Amanda Schaeffer-Fry PHYS 2022 MTH
Katherine Hill SOSC 2022 PSY
VACANT AHUM alt        
VACANT CBUS alt        
VACANT CPS alt        
VACANT EDU alt        
VACANT PHYS alt        
VACANT SOSC alt        
Rules College/ Term   Email Dept
School Ends  
Daniel Krasner CLAS 2022 At Large PHY
Richard Russell CBUS 2021 ACC
Troy Morgan CPS 2021 HPS
Kara Halley EDU 2021 TED2
Wilton Flemon PHYS 2019 Chair CHE
Student Affairs College/ Term   Email Dept
School Ends
Emily Ondracek-Peterson AHUM 2019 Chair MUS
Jessica Wykle SGA        
Lin Huang CPS 2019 EET
Maureen Flynn SOSC 2021 PSY
Michael Jacobs PHYS        
VACANT EDU        


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