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Chair Excellence Awards


Purpose and Guidelines

The intent of this award is to recognize one chair each year who has done demonstrably excellent work in his or her role as chair.

The nominee must currently be a department chair and must have completed one year or more as chair to be eligible. The successful nominee is one who demonstrates success in at least one of the following areas:

1. Demonstration of outstanding leadership

2. Demonstration of curricular innovation

3. Promotion of student success

4. Overall contribution toward achievement of the College and/or University Mission



Nominations can come from anyone. A chair may self-nominate, or a nomination can come from any student, faculty, staff member or other member of the university community. The nomination would need to address how the nominee demonstrates the areas outlined above.   


Award Screening Committee

The award screening committee will meet once per year to review candidates and determine a winner. The committee will be chaired by the Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs. The committee’s membership will consist of a representative from the deans, along with one chair representing each college/school in the university, and at least one faculty member from any college.



Nominations should be submitted electronically to Maggie Thulson ( no later than (date TBD)Nominations, not to exceed 2 pages in length, should specifically address the ways in which the nominee has achieved excellence in one or more of the four areas identified above.  The recipient will be celebrated at the “Roadrunners Who Soar” event in April.

Department Chair Excellence Award Winners






 Ford Lux III



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