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What is a FAS Grant?

To support faculty members accompanying students to a professional conference or other professional event (e.g. competition, research site to collect data, etc.), the Provost’s Office has allocated $40,000 annually for a new program.  These funds may be used by full-time faculty to cover their transportation, registration, and lodging expenses, when accompanying students to a qualifying conference or event.  Preference will be given to faculty who are accompanying students that have an active role (e.g. a student giving a conference presentation).  For full details on the program, please review the FAS Grant Criteria below.  The maximum award is $1,200 per faculty member per academic year. Funds will be awarded until exhausted.  To apply for conferences/events through, please submit your application online using the link below.  Applications are reviewed once submitted.  Responses and communication will be through Jake Leask, assistant in the Office of Faculty Affairs.

FAS Grant Criteria

Maximum Award – $1,200 Annually

  1. Faculty members must be accompanying student(s) to a professional conference or other profession event (e.g. competition, site to collect data, etc.).
  2. Faculty must describe the roll student(s) will play at the conference/event, providing details of their participation.
  3. Preference will be given to faculty accompanying students who have an active role (e.g. student presentation made at the conference, student competing in a competition, etc.).
  4. Faculty members must be full-time and comply with the Student Travel Advisor’s Role and Responsibilities.
  5. Faculty member must share outcomes and/or “lessons learned” from experience with departmental or other faculty groups.
  6. Students must have secured their funding or be in-process at the time of the faculty member’s application.  Please upload any appropriate travel or funding documents.
  7. If human-subjects research is being presented, the faculty member must upload evidence of IRB approval with their application.

Updated Guidelines for National & International Travel

The University has updated its international-travel guidelines to reflect the changing global situation.  Please note that the health and safety of the MSU Denver community is paramount.  Please follow these guidelines:


FAS Grant Program Application

If you are interested in applying for the FAS Grant Program, click the link below to get started.

FAS Grant Application

Please note, these funds are for faculty members only.  For student travel funding opportunities, please visit the MSU Denver Student Travel Program site.