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The Faculty Employment Handbook Committee is charged with reviewing proposals regarding changes to the Handbook language and submitting to the President recommendations for revisions to the Handbook. In order to promote transparency, we are soliciting feedback on the proposals currently under consideration by the Committee. Links to provide feedback will be open for 30 days from the time the documents are posted.



Members of the Committee include:

Stacy Dvergsdal, AVP of Human Resources, Committee Chair

Nick Stancil, Deputy General Counsel

Bill Henry, representing the Provost

Katia Campbell, Faculty Senate President

Bethany Fleck, Faculty Trustee

Elizabeth Goodnick, Faculty Senate Vice-President

Jessica Retrum, representing the Council of Chairs and Directors

Hope Szypulski, representing the Academic Deans

Sheila Rucki, representing the Metro State Faculty Federation (MSFF)

Current Proposals

Department Evaluation Guidelines
Link to Department Evaluation Guidelines Proposed Changes
Link for Feedback
Feedback will close on April, 5th, 2022

Historic Proposals

Section II
Link to Section II Current Language
Link to Section II Proposed Language
Feedback closed on March 18, 2022

Section X
Link to Section X Current Handbook language
Link to Section X proposed changes
Feedback closed on March 4, 2022

Wilton Flemon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship Program
Link to Draft Policy
Feedback closed on March 4, 2022

Credit Banking Policy
Link to Credit Banking Policy
Feedback closed on March 4, 2022