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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Below you'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions for MSU Denver Facilities. Just click on the slide down panel to reveal the answer!

With more than 150 acres on the Auraria campus, a division of responsibility between buildings is crucial in order to provide efficient and professional support for every facility.

Facilities at MSU Denver is largely responsible for overall building support such as general maintenance, custodial services, repairs, temperature control, and access control approvals for the following buildings:

  • Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building (AES)
  • Student Success Building (SSB)
  • Hospitality Learning Center (HLC)
  • Regency Athletic Complex (RAC)
  • 800 Kalamath Street 


Facilities Services at the Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) provides support for tri-institutionally shared buildings including:

  • Administration Building
  • Arts Building
  • Boulder Creek
  • Central Classroom Building
  • Cherry Creek
  • King Center 
  • Library
  • Modular
  • North Classroom
  • Plaza Building
  • Physical Education / Events Center
  • Science Building
  • Seventh Street Classroom Building
  • Tivoli
  • West Classroom Building

AHEC Work Order

The Office of Facilities Planning is responsible for a large portion of overall building support such as general maintenance, custodial services, repairs, temperature control, and access control approvals for the MSU Denver buildings on campus. For space studies, project estimates, remodels, repairs, event space, and so much more, we are the ones to come to!

Building Maintenance:

We are working on updating our work order request system, stay tuned for updates! If you need assistence with building maintenance, contact the department at


For any large spills or other custodial concerns, please contact the Facilities Planning main line at 303-615-1699. There is one day porter working between all of the MSU buildings throughout the day, we are happy to contact her for any large issues, but we can't guarentee that she can be there immediately. 


For questions about events please visit our Event Scheduling page, or contact the Event Scheduling Assistant at or 303-605-5290

Our team understands that an overly hot workplace environment can be distracting. Please check out our Tips to Beat the Heat to get a better understanding of how the temperature control system works in the Student Success Building.

Many of the lights in the MSU Denver buildings are activated by motion detection. If your overhead lights are turning off prematurely, locate the sensor in the room and ensure that its range is not obstructed by any objects. Please note that some overhead lights are also programmed to a set schedule. 

All access requests for the MSU Denver community (student employees, faculty, and staff) must be approved by the Office of Facilities Planning, however we do not directly encode ID cards or make physical keys. To gain building access, please have your office manager or designated signing authority update your departmental key matrix and e-mail a request to If you get locked out of your room or office give us a call and we are happy to unlock that room for you.

To get access to a shared space on the Auraria Campus please contact the Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) Access Control at 303-556-4296

From the homepage of our website, the “Event Scheduling” tab will give you a list of all of our available spaces along with times and capacities. To request these spaces, select the red "Request Event Space" button and place your space request. Please allow 5-6 business days for our Event Scheduling Coordinator to respond to your request.

If you are wanting to book a Student Success building or Aerospace and Engineering Science building classrooms, contact our Event Scheduling Assistant directly at or 303-615-5290 with details including date and time of your event.

If you are looking to book a conference room for a meeting, that information will be found under the “Conference Rooms” tab on our website.

For any questions or concerns regarding event space, contact the Event Scheduling Assistant directly at

To request event space in a shared auraria campus building you will need to contact the Auraria Campus Event Services (ACES) at 303-556-2755 or visit the AHEC Event Services website.   

All of the parking lots on the Auraria Campus are owned by Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) Parking and Transportation Services. For more information, click Here to visit their website or call at 303-556-2000

Emergencies can range from needing immediate access, power outages, flooding, and fires to suspicious objects, suspicious people, or an active shooter. Please get familiar with the emergency procedures listed below. More information can also be found on the campus Emergency Preparedness page. 

Student Success Building

All lost and found items from the Student Success Building are held at the Information Desk of Enrollment Services. To inquire about your lost item, contact the Information Desk at (303) 605-5437.

Tivoli Student Union

All lost and found items from the Tivoli (including the Auraria Campus Bookstore) are held for six weeks at the ID Station. After that point, unclaimed items are disposed of or donated. To inquire about your lost item, contact the ID Station at (303) 556-8385.

Auraria Campus Police

Some items of high value are collected by the Auraria Campus Police Department. If your item is not at the ID Station, please check with with Auraria Campus P.D. at (303) 556-5000 or visit their office in Tivoli 228.

If you need to mail a package, MSU Denver does not require you to go through any particular mailing service. You are free to use FedEx, UPS, or any other mailing service you would like. If you order a package to be delivered to you, it will first go through AHEC Receiving and then be distributed from there. For more information on receiving packages please visit the AHEC Receiving website.

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