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Tom Bellinger

Department: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Title: Affiliate Professor

Expertise: Hydrology, Snow hydrology, Forensic hydrology (Criminal Investigations with hydrologic considerations), Water law, Environmental policy, Hydrologic modeling

Bellinger, Tom

Tom Cech

Department: School of Professional Studies

Title: Director of the One World One Water Center for Urban Water Education and Stewardship

Expertise: Water resources management and development, Water education, Water history, Water law, Water policy

Barb EchoHawk

Department: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Title: Associate Professor of Geology

Expertise: Geologic hazards (floods, landslides, earthquakes, etc.); “soft rock” geology – oil and gas, fracking, sedimentary rocks; Colorado geologic resources; Colorado (and nearby) geology in general – landforms, processes, etc.; general geology – plate tectonics, sedimentary/igneous/metamorphic rocks/minerals, etc.

April Hill

Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Title: Professor and Program Director of Criminalistics

Expertise: Forensic chemistry (drugs, explosives, arson, paint analysis, gun-shot residue, blood alcohol testing, etc.)

Hill, April

Uwe Kackstaetter

Department: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Title: Professor

Expertise: Applied geology and mineralogy which includes volcanology and hydrogeology (groundwater), Kimberlites (diamond bearing rocks) and diamonds, Rare Earth elements and mining, Gemstones, Gemology, Geology and religion

Kackstaetter, Uwe

Elizabeth McVicker

Department: Management

Title: Professor

Expertise: Water issues in the State of Colorado, Corporate social responsibility, Business ethics

Keah Schuenemann

Department: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Title: Professor

Expertise: Global warming, Climate change, Greenland, Climate, Sea ice, Weather

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