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Sports Psychology

Cynthia Erickson

Department: Psychological Sciences

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Neuroscience/neurobiology, Science literacy, Statistics, Introductory/general psychology, Learning and memory, online learning

Erickson, Cynthia

Harvey Milkman

Department: Psychological Sciences

Title: Professor Emeritus

Expertise: Abnormal psychology, Broncomania, Cravings and addictions, Drug addiction, Sportsmania

Milkman, Harvey

Troy Morgan

Department: Human Performance and Sport

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Youth sport development, Systems and structures of athlete development, Mental health counseling

Troy Morgan

Shawn Worthy

Department: Human Services and Counseling

Title: Professor

Expertise: Gender differences in extreme sports, Psychology and performance of high-risk/extreme sports athletes, Sports training and fear, Youth adventure therapy, Crisis intervention, Family dynamics, Family systems, High-risk youth, Teen suicide, Parenting, Workplace stress, Job-family balance

Worthy, Shawn
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