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Social Work

AnnJanette Alejano-Steele

Department: Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy

Title: Associate Dean - College of Professional Studies

Expertise: Child psychology, Equity issues in the classroom, Multicultural service learning, Cross-cultural psychology, Gender and diversity, Psychology of gender, Psychology of women, Human trafficking (including sex and labor), Women's health

Kristen Atkinson

Department: Social Work

Title: Lecturer

Expertise: Positive youth development, Community youth development, Youth civic engagement, Youth leadership development, Participatory research

Jo Daugherty Bailey

Department: Social Work

Title: Professor

Expertise: Children without parental care/institutionalized children (internationally), Training/preparing workers to be empowering with diverse clientele, Program development, management and leadership

Bailey, Jo

Annie Butler

Department: Human Services and Counseling

Title: Chair and Professor, Director of the Center for High Risk Youth Studies

Expertise: Ethics, LGBTQ issues, High-risk adolescents and youth, Gang issues, Addictions and recovery, Drugs and school districts, Underage drinking, Addictions (Substance abuse and behavioral addictions such as gambling and sex), Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (a trauma therapy), Grief, Domestic violence, Dating violence, Multicultural

Butler, Annie

Larry Curry

Department: Social Work

Title: Retired Faculty

Expertise: Child and family preservation, Addictive behaviors, Child welfare

Tanya Greathouse

Department: Social Work

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Multicultural humility, Implicit bias trainings, Supervision, Mitigating vicarious trauma in organizations and individuals

Greathouse, Tanya

Tony Hernandez

Department: Social Work

Title: Affiliate Instructor

Expertise: Housing, community and economic development

Hernandez, Tony

Christian Itin

Department: Social Work

Title: Professor

Expertise: Experiential education, Experiential practice, Adventure education, Adventure therapy, Older adult workforce development, Group work, Leadership, Adolescent practice, Family practice

Itin, Christian

Shawna Margesson

Department: Social Work

Title: Lecturer

Expertise: Living with mental illness, Peer to peer support for mental illness, Behavioral health, Mental wellness, Community organizing, International social work

Margesson, Shawna

Katherine Miller

Department: Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy

Title: Affiliate Professor/Victim Services Coordinator

Expertise: Women’s rights, Interpersonal violence (relationship/domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking), Human trafficking, Violence against women, Victim blaming, Feminism, White privilege and white supremacy, Psychological trauma

Miller, Katherine

Andrew Mrkvicka

Department: Social Work

Title: Affiliate Faculty

Expertise: Child welfare, Abuse and neglect, Interfamilial sex abuse, Secondary trauma, Compassion fatigue

Mrkvicka, Andrew

Marina Pereira

Department: Social Work

Title: Associate Dean - College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Expertise: Acculturation and assimilation changes in the U.S., Mental health issues of children, adolescents and families, Child abuse, Sexual abuse, Domestic violence, Loss and grief issues, Immigration, First-generation students, Service learning, Bilingual, Bicultural

Jessica Retrum

Department: Social Work

Title: Chair, Associate Profesor

Expertise: Aging, Social isolation in later life, Mental health in later life, Social network analysis, Inter-organizational partnerships, Palliative care social work, Hospice social work, Social work with older people, Loss, Family therapy, Social work education

Retrum, Jessica

Jessica Ritter

Department: Social Work

Title: Professor

Expertise: Child welfare, Child abuse and neglect, Children’s rights, Political activism

Ritter, Jessica

Luis Rivas

Department: English

Title: Associate Professor, Director of the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

Expertise: Rhetoric and composition theory, Students of migrant/seasonal-farmworker background, Post-secondary education

Rivas, Luis

Susie Ryder

Department: Social Work

Title: Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Field Education

Expertise: Therapy with children, adolescents, couples and families, Supervision, Parenting, Solution focused brief therapy, School social work, Substance abuse, Suicide prevention

Ryder, Susie

Darlene Sampson

Department: Social Work

Title: Clinical Field Faculty and Equity Specialist Coordinator, WEEAC

Expertise: Trauma, Issues related to children of color, Police and community interactions, Educational challenges, pedagogy and curriculum, Over suspension of children of color, School/community consultation-particularly with black/brown communities, Racial bullying, Diversity/equity/inclusivity, Mental Health, General social work

Sampson, Darlene

Randyl (Randi) Smith

Department: Psychological Sciences

Title: Professor

Expertise: Mental disorders, Domestic violence, Professional ethics in mental health, Child abuse/neglect, Service-learning, Marital/couples communication, Psychological assessment, Homelessness and mental health, Ethics (especially for mental health professionals), Mental health treatment, Supervision of mental health providers, Whistleblowing, Colleague assistance

Smith, Randi

Eileen Starr

Department: Social Work

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Clinical work with children, youth and families, Conflicted communities (sectarian violence in Northern Ireland)

Starr, Eileen
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