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Racial Issues/Hate Crime

Andrea Borrego

Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Fatal police-citizen encounters, Policing, Tasers/CEDs, Incarceration, Prisons/jails, Body worn cameras, Intimate partner violence/domestic violence

Borrego, Andrea

Ramon Del Castillo

Department: Chicana/o Studies

Title: Retired Professor

Expertise: Latino public policy issues and concerns, Diversity in American society, Chicana/o studies, Latino youth leadership development, Poetry

DelCastillo, Ramon

Stacey Hervey

Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Group violence, Hate crimes, Juvenile delinquency, Education, Internet safety, Online recruiting, Extremism

Hervey, Stacey

Jonathan Kent

Department: Sociology and Anthropology

Title: Professor

Expertise: Anthropology and prehistory, Archaeology, Historic Denver and Colorado, Native American issues

Kent, Johnaton

Chalane E. Lechuga

Department: Chicana/o Studies

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Race (race/racial inequality, US Census), Education (academic achievement/discipline disparities), Latina/o sociology

Lechuga, Chalane

Anna Ropp

Department: Psychological Sciences

Title: Professor

Expertise: Discrimination, Prejudice, Gender discrimination, LGBTQ discrimination

Ropp, Anna

Darlene Sampson

Department: Social Work

Title: Clinical Field Faculty and Equity Specialist Coordinator, WEEAC

Expertise: Trauma, Issues related to children of color, Police and community interactions, Educational challenges, pedagogy and curriculum, Over suspension of children of color, School/community consultation-particularly with black/brown communities, Racial bullying, Diversity/equity/inclusivity, Mental Health, General social work

Sampson, Darlene

Whitney Traylor

Department: Management

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Corporate law (employment, civil rights, business, litigation), Race issues, Work/life balance, Workplace issues

Traylor, Whitney

Tara Tull

Department: Human Services and Counseling

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Conflict resolution, LGBTQ student issues, Lesbian theory, Sexual harassment and services, Hurdles facing nontraditional women students, Resources for women

A photo of Tara Tull

Devon Wright

Department: Sociology and Anthropology, Africana Studies

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Black social movements, Conservative right-wing social movements, White supremacist ideology and racist rhetoric in conservative right-wing media organizations, the politics of Hip-Hop culture

Wright, Devon
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