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Public Health

Ricardo Gonzalez-Fisher

Department: Health Professions

Title: Affiliate Faculty

Expertise: Public health, Hispanic health, Health disparities, Bioethics

Gonzalez-Fisher, Ricardo

Katrina Little

Department: Nursing

Title: Lecturer

Expertise: Maternal-newborn health care, Community health nursing, Nursing faculty education

Little, Katrina

Erin Seedorf

Department: Health Professions

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Public health, Population health, Public health policy, Local public health, Community engagement/advocacy

Seedorf, Erin

Michelle Tollefson

Department: Health Professions

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Wellness coaching, Lifestyle medicine (changes/habits), Women’s health, Holistic health, Integrated medication, Gynecology, Stress treatments, Stress management, Nutrition, Diet, Women's health issues, Medical/health trends, Pop culture, Preventative health

Sheryl Zajdowicz

Department: Biology

Title: Professor and Chair

Expertise: Microbiology, Pathogenic microbiology, Infectious disease, Immunology, Select agents of bioterrorism, Molecular biology

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