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Politics/Public Policy

Jeremy Castle

Department: Political Science

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: United States elections, Public opinion, Polarization, Religion and politics, Church and State, Media and politics

Castle, Jeremy

Tom Cech

Department: School of Professional Studies

Title: Co-Director of the One World One Water Center for Urban Water Education and Stewardship

Expertise: Water resources management and development, Water education, Water history, Water law, Water policy

Arthur (Trey) Fleisher III

Department: Economics

Title: Chair, Professor

Expertise: Sports and economics

Mindy Glover

Department: Communication Studies

Title: Affiliate Professor

Expertise: Communication in politics, Organizational communication, Online communication

Glover, Mindy

William Huddy

Department: Communication Studies

Title: Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Political communication, Media & celebrity studies, Public speaking, Radio and television news

Huddy, William

Ibon Izurieta

Department: Modern Language

Title: Professor, Associate Dean - College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Expertise: Historical, political, sociological, cultural, artistic and literary aspects of the coexistence of Basque and Spanish languages and cultures.

Richard Moeller

Department: Political Science

Title: Professor

Expertise: American foreign and military policy, Democracy, European politics, International law, Political theory, International security, Politics and the media, U.S. foreign policy and security, European law

Douglas Mpondi

Department: Africana Studies

Title: Chair and Associate Professor

Expertise: African politics, culture and education, Democratic transitions and development in Southern Africa, African political economy, African conflicts, Conflict resolutions in Africa

Mpondi, Douglas

Alexandre Padilla

Department: Economics

Title: Professor

Expertise: Securities and business law and regulation, Insider trading, Business economics, Stock exchanges, Securities and regulation, Economic analysis of political decisions, Economic analysis of campaign contributions, Business ethics, Economics of immigration, Economic analysis of foreign policy

Robert Preuhs

Department: Political Science

Title: Chair, Professor

Expertise: American politics, Public policy administration, State and local politics, Racial and ethnic politics, Research methodology

Norman Provizer

Department: Political Science

Title: Professor, Director of the Golda Meir Center for Political Leadership, Director of Leadership Studies

Expertise: Election campaigns, Political history, Social movements, Campaign issues, Constitutional law, Political leadership, Polling, Survey research, Elections, Political violence, Media, Politics, Terrorism, Constitutional law, Media and politics, Political violence

Sheila Rucki

Department: Political Science

Title: Professor

Expertise: Women in politics, International political economy, Political theory, International relations (especially issues of national sovereignty and U.S. foreign policy), Women's politics and political issues (especially in U.S. domestic policy)

Rucki, Sheila

David Heska Wanbli Weiden

Department: Political Science

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Native American issues; law; U.S. Supreme Court; fiction and literature

Weiden, David
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