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Outdoor Recreation/Sports

Lincoln Davie

Department: School of Hospitality

Title: Assistant Professor, Outdoor Recreation

Expertise: Outdoor recreation, Adventure sports, Curriculum & instruction, Technology-enhanced teaching and learning

Davie, Lincoln

Kelly Evans

Department: Human Performance and Sport

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Sport management, Sport sponsorship, Sport marketing, Consumer behavior, Sport promotion, Sport enterprise

Evans, Kelly

Aaron Johnson

Department: Sociology and Anthropology

Title: Affiliate Faculty

Expertise: His areas of expertise include the social dimensions of transportation (bicycling) and land use politics.

Johnson, Aaron

Nhu Nguyen

Department: School of Education

Title: Professor

Expertise: Physical Fitness

Joe Quatrochi

Department: Human Performance and Sport

Title: Professor

Expertise: Health promotion, Physical activity and disease prevention, Physical activity and heart disease, Physical activity and obesity, Weight loss, Cancer survivorship issues, Exercise physiology, Exercise, Physical activity and disease prevention, Physical fitness

Quatrochi, Joe

Shawn Worthy

Department: Human Services and Counseling

Title: Professor

Expertise: Gender differences in extreme sports, Psychology and performance of high-risk/extreme sports athletes, Sports training and fear, Youth adventure therapy, Crisis intervention, Family dynamics, Family systems, High-risk youth, Teen suicide, Parenting, Workplace stress, Job-family balance

Worthy, Shawn
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