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International Studies

Mohammed Akacem

Department: Economics

Title: Professor

Expertise: Domestic and international economics, Middle East and Africa economics, Eurodollar, Money and banking, OPEC, Stock market, Wall Street, Global Energy, Democracy in the Arab world, Islamic fundamentalism, The New Iraq, Islamic banking and finance, Democracy and Islam

Akecem Mohammed

Angelica Bahl

Department: Marketing

Title: Professor

Expertise: International or global marketing, including Russian and Indian markets, Russian business development, Free trade agreements in global markets, Intellectual property protection in global markets, Creativity in business practice, Consumer behavior and technology, Experiential learning in business and Marketing education.

Aaron Brown

Department: Mechanical Engineering/Engineering Technology

Title: Mechanical Engineering Technology Coordinator, Professor

Expertise: Humanitarian engineering, International education

Brown, Aaron

Amy Eckert

Department: Political Science

Title: Professor

Expertise: International relations, International ethics, Poverty and debt forgiveness, Humanitarian intervention, Human rights, Private military companies

Amy Eckert

Kishore Kulkarni

Department: Economics

Title: Professor

Expertise: Macroeconomic issues, International trade, Globalization issues, Outsourcing, Inflation, Currency values, India-related topics, Indian economic issues

Kulkarni, Kishore

LiYing Li

Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology

Title: Professor

Expertise: Community corrections, Criminological theories and social issues in China

Li, LiYing

Cristina Miguez Cruz

Department: Modern Language

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Latin American culture, Literature, Cinema

Richard Moeller

Department: Political Science

Title: Professor

Expertise: American foreign and military policy, Democracy, European politics, International law, Political theory, International security, Politics and the media, U.S. foreign policy and security, European law

Abel Moreno

Department: Computer Information Systems

Title: Chair - Computer Information Systems

Expertise: Digital divide, Computer information systems and business applications, Mexico economy and politics

Moreno, Abel

Douglas Mpondi

Department: Africana Studies

Title: Chair and Associate Professor

Expertise: African politics, culture and education, Democratic transitions and development in Southern Africa, African political economy, African conflicts, Conflict resolutions in Africa

Mpondi, Douglas

Andrew Muldoon

Department: History

Title: Professor

Expertise: Modern Britain, Modern Ireland

David Piacenti

Department: Sociology and Anthropology

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Globalization, Immigration and culture change, Transnationalism, Sociological and anthropological theory, Qualitative methods and ethnography, Yucatec-Mayan culture, Latin America, Globalization in Peru

Paul L. Sidelko

Department: History

Title: Professor

Expertise: Medieval and modern periods of history of Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, Mediterranean, the Arab Spring, Islamic societies, Muslims in USA, Arab-Israeli conflict, Iran and Iraq, Middle East during WWI, WWII and the Cold War, Crusade and Jihad

Sidelko, Paul

Xiansheng Tian

Department: History

Title: Professor

Expertise: American history, China/Korea/Japan since 1800, Chinese history, China/Korea/Japan since 1800, Modern China, U.S.-China relations

Xiansheng, Tian

Mary Ann Watson

Department: Psychological Sciences

Title: Professor Emerita

Expertise: Human sexuality, Sex education, Roe v. Wade, Death and dying, Clinical psychology issues, Sexuality - child predators, Transgenderism, Sexual dysfunction, Diversity issues, Middle Eastern women's issues

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