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Health and Wellness

Kelsey Asplin

Department: Health Professions

Title: Lecturer

Expertise: Natural health, Gut health, Stress, Gut-brain connection

Asplin, Kelsey

Brian Bagwell

Department: Human Services and Counseling

Title: Professor

Expertise: Workplace violence, critical incident stress management, trauma, treating claustrophobic firefighters, and perception of threat and deescalation of violence strategies for first responders, employers and mental health clinicians.

Bagwell, Brian

Susan Bertelsen

Department: Human Performance and Sport, School of Education

Title: Professor

Expertise: Adult and children physical activity, Physical education, Personal training, Psychosocial effects of exercise

Jennifer Bolton

Department: Nutrition

Title: Professor

Expertise: School nutrition, infant or childhood feeding, prenatal nutrition, breastfeeding, initiating solids, healthy foods for children, childhood obesity, trans fat

Bolton, Jennifer

Cynthia Dormer

Department: Nutrition

Title: Professor

Expertise: Wellness goal setting and motivation, Weight management, Healthy eating, Obesity prevention, Weight bias.

Carol Jensen

Department: Health Professions

Title: Retired Professor Emeritus - Integrative Health Care

Expertise: Health education, Complementary and alternative therapies, Nursing, Integration of Eastern and Western therapies

Katrina Little

Department: Nursing

Title: Lecturer

Expertise: Maternal-newborn health care, Community health nursing, Nursing faculty education

Little, Katrina

Nhu Nguyen

Department: School of Education

Title: Professor

Expertise: Physical Fitness

Malena Perdomo

Department: Nutrition

Title: Affiliate Professor

Expertise: Nutrition and Dietetics

Joe Quatrochi

Department: Human Performance and Sport

Title: Professor

Expertise: Health promotion, Physical activity and disease prevention, Physical activity and heart disease, Physical activity and obesity, Weight loss, Cancer survivorship issues, Exercise physiology, Exercise, Physical activity and disease prevention, Physical fitness

Quatrochi, Joe

Erin Seedorf

Department: Health Professions

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Public health, Population health, Public health policy, Local public health, Community engagement/advocacy

Seedorf, Erin

Ben Thompson

Department: Human Performance and Sport

Title: Professor

Expertise: Cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness, Resistance training, General exercise program design, Cardiovascular disease and physical activity, Endothelial function, Weight loss, Fitness certifications, Exercise physiology

Thompson, Ben

Michelle Tollefson

Department: Health Professions

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Wellness coaching, Lifestyle medicine (changes/habits), Women’s health, Holistic health, Integrated medication, Gynecology, Stress treatments, Stress management, Nutrition, Diet, Women's health issues, Medical/health trends, Pop culture, Preventative health

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