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Barb EchoHawk

Department: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Title: Associate Professor of Geology

Expertise: Geologic hazards (floods, landslides, earthquakes, etc.); “soft rock” geology – oil and gas, fracking, sedimentary rocks; Colorado geologic resources; Colorado (and nearby) geology in general – landforms, processes, etc.; general geology – plate tectonics, sedimentary/igneous/metamorphic rocks/minerals, etc.

Uwe Kackstaetter

Department: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Title: Professor

Expertise: Applied geology and mineralogy which includes volcanology and hydrogeology (groundwater), Kimberlites (diamond bearing rocks) and diamonds, Rare Earth elements and mining, Gemstones, Gemology, Geology and religion

Kackstaetter, Uwe

Runing Zhang

Department: Civil Engineering Technology

Title: Professor

Expertise: Geotechnical engineering design, Concrete structural design, Foundation studies, Slope stability and landslide analyses, Excavation analyses, Subsurface characterization, Geophysics exploration methods, Ground imaging analyses, Hydraulic engineering

Zhnag, Runing
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