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Foreign Policy and Security

Angelica Bahl

Department: Marketing

Title: Professor

Expertise: International or global marketing, including Russian and Indian markets, Russian business development, Free trade agreements in global markets, Intellectual property protection in global markets, Creativity in business practice, Consumer behavior and technology, Experiential learning in business and Marketing education.

Kishore Kulkarni

Department: Economics

Title: Professor

Expertise: Macroeconomic issues, International trade, Globalization issues, Outsourcing, Inflation, Currency values, India-related topics, Indian economic issues

Kulkarni, Kishore

Richard C. Mac Namee

Department: School of Professional Studies

Title: Director of the Cyber Range at MSU Denver

Expertise: Counter-terrorism, Counterinsurgency, Intelligence operations, Covert operations, Nuclear security, Cybersecurity

Sheila Rucki

Department: Political Science

Title: Professor

Expertise: Women in politics, International political economy, Political theory, International relations (especially issues of national sovereignty and U.S. foreign policy), Women's politics and political issues (especially in U.S. domestic policy)

Rucki, Sheila
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