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Lillie Ben

Department: Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy

Title: Affiliate Faculty

Expertise: Personal finance and leadership skills pertaining primarily to women (ages 18+ and into retirement)

Paul Camp

Department: Finance

Title: Professor, Chair

Expertise: Personal financial management and planning, Retirement planning, Budgeting, Investments, Estate planning, Income taxes, Insurance

Camp, Paul

Gregory Clifton

Department: Accounting

Title: Chair and Associate Professor

Expertise: Accounting, Tax Law, Business and individual tax planning

Clifton, Gregory

Keith Fevurly

Department: Finance

Title: Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Personal financial planning, Investments, Retirement planning, Estate planning

Fevurly, Keith

Richard Kessel

Department: Communication Studies

Title: Lecturer

Expertise: Communication design, The science of teaching and learning, Public speaking (specifically neural processing of spoken language), Physician-patient communication, Physician assessment, Education, Behavior modification, Clinical communication skills, Financial planning

Timothy Mayes

Department: Finance

Title: Professor

Expertise: Investments, Portfolio management, Financial analysis, Financial education

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