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AnnJanette Alejano-Steele

Department: Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy

Title: Associate Dean - College of Professional Studies

Expertise: Child psychology, Equity issues in the classroom, Multicultural service learning, Cross-cultural psychology, Gender and diversity, Psychology of gender, Psychology of women, Human trafficking (including sex and labor), Women's health

Rosemarie Allen

Department: School of Education

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Disproportionality in discipline, Addressing challenging behaviors of children, Child care licensing regulations, Cultural competence

Sue Barnd

Department: School of Education

Title: Professor

Expertise: Interview skills for young physical educators, Single-sex and coed physical education class structures, K-12 Physical Education, Girls and women in sport

Barnd, Sue

Philip Bernhardt

Department: School of Education

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Backwards design, General instructional practices (planning, assessment, classroom management), Curricular alignment with state/common core standards, Formative assessment, Performance-based assessment, Project-based learning, New teacher induction, Effective instructional practices, New teacher mentoring and preparation, Social studies as a subject area, Teacher retention

Rebecca Canges

Department: School of Education

Title: Associate Professor; Special Education, Early Childhood & Culturally & Linguistically Diverse

Expertise: Special education in schools, simulations for disabilities, working with families of students with special needs, building collaborative teams in schools between special & general education, social supports for students with special needs, pre-service teacher education (special ed), working with school age English language learners.

Canges, Rebecca

Ingrid Carter

Department: School of Education

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Elementary science education

Keith Fevurly

Department: Finance

Title: Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Personal financial planning, Investments, Retirement planning, Estate planning

Fevurly, Keith

Bethany Fleck Dillen

Department: Psychological Sciences

Title: Professor

Expertise: Education, Memory, College teaching, Child development, Early childhood education, Developmental psychology, College teaching pedagogy

Fleck, Bethany

Beth Frederick

Department: Management

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Modern employee organizations

Debbie Gilliard

Department: Management

Title: Professor, Chair - Management

Expertise: Strategic planning, International business

Gilliard, Debbie

Lawrence Glatz

Department: Modern Language

Title: Professor

Expertise: Computers and language learning, Multimedia and language learning, The Internet and language learning

Krista Griffin

Department: Elementary Education & Literacy

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Literacy in general, Teacher education, Motivation/engagement in literacy, Boys and reading, Research methodology with children

Griffin, Krista

Lisa Kindleberger Hagan

Department: Psychological Sciences

Title: Professor

Expertise: Child cognitive development, Infant attachment and temperament, Child emotional development, Use of psychological testing in child education, Child development of gender roles, Use of psychological theory to guide child education, Women's studies

Hagan, Lisa

Stacey Hervey

Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology

Title: Affiliate Professor

Expertise: Group violence, Hate crimes, Juvenile delinquency, Education, Internet safety, Online recruiting, Extremism

Hervey, Stacey

Elizabeth Hinde

Department: School of Education

Title: Dean

Expertise: Teacher preparation, Social studies education, Geography education, Civics education, Curriculum integration

Deborah Horan

Department: School of Education

Title: Chair, Professor - Elementary Education and Literacy

Expertise: Education, Elementary education

Christina Huber

Department: Economics

Title: Professor

Expertise: Economics of the family, Maternal and child health, Intra-household bargaining

Christian Itin

Department: Social Work

Title: Professor

Expertise: Experiential education, Experiential practice, Adventure education, Adventure therapy, Older adult workforce development, Group work, Leadership, Adolescent practice, Family practice

Itin, Christian

Christopher Jennings

Department: Journalism and Media Production

Title: Professor and Chair

Expertise: Instructional technologies, Adult education, Multimedia technologies, Mobile and social media, Virtual reality/ Augmented reality, Communication law, Media Archiving; Audio, Video, and Web development, Music production, Veterans/Military service, Post-Traumatic stress

Jennings, Chris

Richard Kessel

Department: Communication Studies

Title: Lecturer

Expertise: Communication design, The science of teaching and learning, Public speaking (specifically neural processing of spoken language), Physician-patient communication, Physician assessment, Education, Behavior modification, Clinical communication skills, Financial planning

David Kish

Department: Music

Title: Professor, Director of Bands

Expertise: Music education, Teacher preparation in music, Conducting

Elizabeth Kleinfeld

Department: English

Title: Professor

Expertise: Writing, Professional writing, Plagiarism and source use, Satire and parody, New media, Multigenre and multimodal composition, Universal Design for Learning

Chalane E. Lechuga

Department: Chicana/o Studies

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Race (race/racial inequality, US Census), Education (academic achievement/discipline disparities), Latina/o sociology

Lechuga, Chalane

Lunden MacDonald

Department: Modern Language

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Spanish language, Literature, Teaching, Contemporary trends in foreign language study, Translation, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood), Investigative trends in SIDS and SUDC research

Edgar Maldonado

Department: Computer Information Systems

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Open source software, Online communities, Computer security, Information systems, IT business

Maldonado, Edgar

Lupe Martinez

Department: School of Education

Title: Associate Professor Emeritus

Expertise: Elementary education, Diversity, Classroom management and curriculum, Language arts, Social studies

Timothy Mayes

Department: Finance

Title: Professor

Expertise: Investments, Portfolio management, Financial analysis, Financial education

Elizabeth McVicker

Department: Management

Title: Professor

Expertise: Water issues in the State of Colorado, Corporate social responsibility, Business ethics

Abel Moreno

Department: Computer Information Systems

Title: Chair - Computer Information Systems

Expertise: Digital divide, Computer information systems and business applications, Mexico economy and politics

Moreno, Abel

David Piacenti

Department: Sociology and Anthropology

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Globalization, Immigration and culture change, Transnationalism, Sociological and anthropological theory, Qualitative methods and ethnography, Yucatec-Mayan culture, Latin America, Globalization in Peru

Emily Ragan

Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Biochemistry, Science education, Open educational resources

Ragan, Emily

Todd C. Reimer

Department: School of Education

Title: Professor

Expertise: Teacher education, Secondary education, Curriculum and instruction, Cognitive and motivational psychology, Education policy and reform, Learning design, Instructional technologies, Authentic learning and assessment, Project-based learning, Controversial issue discussions

Reimer, Todd

Aaron Richmond

Department: Psychological Sciences

Title: Professor

Expertise: Educational psychology, Teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Teaching higher education, Memory, Mnemonics, Learning styles, Memory aids and memory development, Online education, Motivation, Science education, Adolescent education, At-risk youth education

Luis Rivas

Department: English

Title: Associate Professor, Director of the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

Expertise: Rhetoric and composition theory, Students of migrant/seasonal-farmworker background, Post-secondary education

Rivas, Luis

Marc Rodriguez

Department: School of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Family Literacy

Title: Parents as Teachers Coordinator, Parenting Coordinator

Expertise: K-12 Education, Parenting skills, Sheltered (ESL) Instruction, Educational Administration (Principal)

Rodriguez, Marc

Darlene Sampson

Department: Social Work

Title: Clinical Field Faculty and Equity Specialist Coordinator, WEEAC

Expertise: Trauma, Issues related to children of color, Police and community interactions, Educational challenges, pedagogy and curriculum, Over suspension of children of color, School/community consultation-particularly with black/brown communities, Racial bullying, Diversity/equity/inclusivity, Mental Health, General social work

Sampson, Darlene

Adriann Wycoff

Department: Chicana/o Studies

Title: Professor - Chicana/o Studies, Co-Principal Investigator - College Assistance Migrant Program, Director - Family Literacy Program

Expertise: Community-based education programs, Family literacy, Migrant education issues, Nontraditional education, Latino literature (poetry emphasis), Women and poverty

Kathryn Young

Department: School of Education

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Intersectionality (race + disability) primarily, Cultural competence, Microaggressions, Teacher preparation

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