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Mohammed Akacem

Department: Economics

Title: Professor

Expertise: Domestic and international economics, Middle East and Africa economics, Eurodollar, Money and banking, OPEC, Stock market, Wall Street, Global Energy, Democracy in the Arab world, Islamic fundamentalism, The New Iraq, Islamic banking and finance, Democracy and Islam

Akecem Mohammed

Nicolás Cachanosky

Department: Economics

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Economics, Monetary economics, Money and banking, Macroeconomics, Business cycles

Arthur (Trey) Fleisher III

Department: Economics

Title: Chair, Professor

Expertise: Sports and economics

Tony Hernandez

Department: Social Work

Title: Affiliate Professor

Expertise: Housing, community and economic development

Hernandez, Tony

Rey Hernandez-Julian

Department: Finance

Title: Professor

Expertise: Economics of education (both K-12 and higher education), Public finance policy analysis

Christina Huber

Department: Economics

Title: Professor

Expertise: Economics of the family, Maternal and child health, Intra-household bargaining

Kishore Kulkarni

Department: Economics

Title: Professor

Expertise: Macroeconomic issues, International trade, Globalization issues, Outsourcing, Inflation, Currency values, India-related topics, Indian economic issues

Kulkarni, Kishore

Alexandre Padilla

Department: Economics

Title: Professor

Expertise: Securities and business law and regulation, Insider trading, Business economics, Stock exchanges, Securities and regulation, Economic analysis of political decisions, Economic analysis of campaign contributions, Business ethics, Economics of immigration, Economic analysis of foreign policy

Nick Recker

Department: Sociology and Anthropology

Title: Professor

Expertise: Community, Social and rural economic development

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