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Disabilities/Special Needs

Rebecca Canges

Department: School of Education

Title: Associate Professor; Special Education, Early Childhood & Culturally & Linguistically Diverse

Expertise: Special education in schools, simulations for disabilities, working with families of students with special needs, building collaborative teams in schools between special & general education, social supports for students with special needs, pre-service teacher education (special ed), working with school age English language learners.

Canges, Rebecca

Jean Lundy

Department: Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: American Sign Language, Children with hearing loss and education needs and rights, Hearing loss etiologies, Newborn hearing and screening

Darlene Sampson

Department: Social Work

Title: Clinical Field Faculty and Equity Specialist Coordinator, WEEAC

Expertise: Trauma, Issues related to children of color, Police and community interactions, Educational challenges, pedagogy and curriculum, Over suspension of children of color, School/community consultation-particularly with black/brown communities, Racial bullying, Diversity/equity/inclusivity, Mental Health, General social work

Sampson, Darlene

Siva priya Santhanam

Department: Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) across the life span, Service delivery for culturally and linguistically diverse families of children with developmental disabilities, Technology-based interventions to enhance communication in children with autism and other developmental disabilities

Santhanam, Siva
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