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Computers/Information Technology

Jeno Balogh

Department: Civil Engineering Technology

Title: Professor

Expertise: Engineering and design software development, Structural analysis, Civil engineering and design software development

Jeno Balogh

Steve Beaty

Department: Computer Science

Title: Interim Chair and Professor

Expertise: Computer security and crime, Firewalls, Viruses, Internet blogs, Software development, Protecting children, Internet consumerism and safety, Identity theft

Beaty, Steve

Janos Fustos

Department: Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Title: Professor

Expertise: Computer information systems, Information systems security, Web solutions, Information systems education

Fustos, Janos

Christopher Jennings

Department: Journalism and Media Production

Title: Chair, Professor

Expertise: Instructional technologies, Adult education, Multimedia technologies, Mobile and social media, Virtual reality/ Augmented reality, Communication law, Media Archiving; Audio, Video, and Web development, Music production, Veterans/Military service, Post-Traumatic stress

Jennings, Chris

Devi Kalla

Department: Mechanical Engineering/Engineering Technology

Title: Professor

Expertise: CAD, 3D Printing, Green manufacturing, Sustainable engineering, Composites manufacturing, Environmentally conscious manufacturing, Automated design and product development

Edgar Maldonado

Department: Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Open source software, Online communities, Computer security, Information systems, IT business

Maldonado, Edgar

Abel Moreno

Department: Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Title: Chair - Computer Information Systems

Expertise: Digital divide, Computer information systems and business applications, Mexico economy and politics

Moreno, Abel

Peggy O'Neill-Jones

Department: Journalism and Media Production

Title: Professor Emeritus

Expertise: Instructional technology, Interactive Technologies, Educational media, Mobile and Social Media, Primary Source Pedagogy

Lisa Ortiz

Department: Journalism and Media Production

Title: Professor

Expertise: Digital media, Distance learning, E-learning, Virtual environments, Social networks and media, Instructional design, Technology adoption

Jody Paul

Department: Computer Science

Title: Professor

Expertise: Applications and implications of technology, Technology literacy for students, Technology in classroom, Software engineering, Artificial intelligence, Software development management, Multimedia and hypermedia production, Human-computer interaction, Ergonomics

Todd Reimer

Department: School of Education

Title: Professor

Expertise: Teacher education, Secondary education, Curriculum and instruction, Cognitive and motivational psychology, Education policy and reform, Learning design, Instructional technologies, Authentic learning and assessment, Project-based learning, Controversial issue discussions

Reimer, Todd

Jinseup (Ted) Shin

Department: Industrial Design

Title: Professor, Chair; Interim Lockheed Martin Endowed Director of Advanced Manufacturing Science Institute

Expertise: Technology, Product design, Future trend

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