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Mohammed Akacem

Department: Economics

Title: Professor

Expertise: Domestic and international economics, Middle East and Africa economics, Eurodollar, Money and banking, OPEC, Stock market, Wall Street, Global Energy, Democracy in the Arab world, Islamic fundamentalism, The New Iraq, Islamic banking and finance, Democracy and Islam

Akecem Mohammed

Nicolás Cachanosky

Department: Economics

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Economics, Monetary economics, Money and banking, Macroeconomics, Business cycles

Arthur Campa

Department: College Assistance Migrant Program

Title: Co - Principal Investigator for CAMP, Administrator Emeritus, Associate Dean of College of Letter, Arts and Sciences

Expertise: Cultural and applied anthropology, Folklore, Impact of immigration on Southwestern U.S., Relations among Latino and Chicano populations, Migrant and adult education

Ramon Del Castillo

Department: Chicana/o Studies

Title: Retired Professor

Expertise: Latino public policy issues and concerns, Diversity in American society, Chicana/o studies, Latino youth leadership development, Poetry

DelCastillo, Ramon

Alex Fayman

Department: Finance

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Financial markets and institutions, Banking, Corporate finance, Consumer finance

Fayman, Alex

Roberto Forns-Broggi

Department: Modern Language

Title: Professor

Expertise: Latin American and Spanish literature, Latin American and Spanish cinema, Latin American and Spanish cultures

Forns-Broggi, Roberto

Julian Friedland

Department: College of Business

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Business ethics, Corporate social responsibility, Ethics and technology including artificial intelligence, Moral psychology, General philosophy

Friedland, Julian

Lawrence Glatz

Department: Modern Language

Title: Professor

Expertise: Computers and language learning, Multimedia and language learning, The Internet and language learning

Ricardo Gonzalez-Fisher

Department: Health Professions

Title: Affiliate Faculty

Expertise: Public health, Hispanic health, Health disparities, Bioethics

Gonzalez-Fisher, Ricardo

Mingli He

Department: Mechanical Engineering/Engineering Technology

Title: Professor

Expertise: Mechanical Engineering, Thermal, Fluids, HVAC, Energies

Mingli He

Rey Hernandez-Julian

Department: Finance

Title: Professor

Expertise: Economics of education (both K-12 and higher education), Public finance policy analysis

Ibon Izurieta

Department: Modern Language

Title: Professor, Associate Dean - College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Expertise: Historical, political, sociological, cultural, artistic and literary aspects of the coexistence of Basque and Spanish languages and cultures.

Janelle Johnson

Department: School of Education

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: STEM teaching and learning, inclusive STEM pedagogies, culturally and linguistically diverse education, broadening participation in STEM, university-school partnerships

Johnson, Janelle

Wossen Kassaye

Department: Marketing

Title: Professor

Expertise: Multicultural marketing, Latino marketing, Targeted marketing, Vanishing mass market, Consumer behavior, Internet marketing

Kishore Kulkarni

Department: Economics

Title: Professor

Expertise: Macroeconomic issues, International trade, Globalization issues, Outsourcing, Inflation, Currency values, India-related topics, Indian economic issues

Kulkarni, Kishore

LiYing Li

Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology

Title: Professor

Expertise: Community corrections, Criminological theories and social issues in China

Li, LiYing

Jose Lopez

Department: Aviation and Aerospace Science

Title: Lecturer

Expertise: Aerospace engineering specializing in orbital mechanics and space systems, Advanced energy technology

Lopez, Jose

Lunden MacDonald

Department: Modern Language

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Spanish language, Literature, Teaching, Contemporary trends in foreign language study, Translation, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood), Investigative trends in SIDS and SUDC research

Edgar Maldonado

Department: Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Open source software, Online communities, Computer security, Information systems, IT business

Maldonado, Edgar

Lupe Martinez

Department: School of Education

Title: Associate Professor Emeritus

Expertise: Elementary education, Diversity, Classroom management and curriculum, Language arts, Social studies

Abel Moreno

Department: Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Title: Chair - Computer Information Systems

Expertise: Digital divide, Computer information systems and business applications, Mexico economy and politics

Moreno, Abel

Hyon Namgung

Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Policing (both American and Korean), Police organizations, Community policing

Alexandre Padilla

Department: Economics

Title: Professor

Expertise: Securities and business law and regulation, Insider trading, Business economics, Stock exchanges, Securities and regulation, Economic analysis of political decisions, Economic analysis of campaign contributions, Business ethics, Economics of immigration, Economic analysis of foreign policy

Malena Perdomo

Department: Nutrition

Title: Affiliate Professor

Expertise: Nutrition and Dietetics

Marina Pereira

Department: Social Work

Title: Associate Dean - College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Expertise: Acculturation and assimilation changes in the U.S., Mental health issues of children, adolescents and families, Child abuse, Sexual abuse, Domestic violence, Loss and grief issues, Immigration, First-generation students, Service learning, Bilingual, Bicultural

David Piacenti

Department: Sociology and Anthropology

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Globalization, Immigration and culture change, Transnationalism, Sociological and anthropological theory, Qualitative methods and ethnography, Yucatec-Mayan culture, Latin America, Globalization in Peru

Vincent Piturro

Department: English

Title: Professor of Film and Media Studies

Expertise: Science fiction film, Westerns, International film, Documentaries, Fellini, Scorsese

Piturro, Vincent

Diane Ream

Department: Nursing

Title: Lecturer

Expertise: Nursing leadership and management, NICU, Home health

Ream, Diane

Marc Rodriguez

Department: School of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Family Literacy

Title: Parents as Teachers Coordinator, Parenting Coordinator

Expertise: K-12 Education, Parenting skills, Sheltered (ESL) Instruction, Educational Administration (Principal)

Rodriguez, Marc

Siva priya Santhanam

Department: Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) across the life span, Service delivery for culturally and linguistically diverse families of children with developmental disabilities, Technology-based interventions to enhance communication in children with autism and other developmental disabilities

Santhanam, Siva

Jinseup (Ted) Shin

Department: Industrial Design

Title: Professor, Chair; Interim Lockheed Martin Endowed Director of Advanced Manufacturing Science Institute

Expertise: Technology, Product design, Future trend

Helle Sorensen

Department: School of Hospitality

Title: Professor

Expertise: Adventure travel and ecotourism, Tourism planning and development, Global itinerary development, Sustainable tourism

Sorensen, Helle

Lorenzo Trujillo

Department: Music

Title: Affiliate Professor

Expertise: Mariachi, Southwest music of the 1840’s, Education, Law

Trujillo, Lorenzo A

Adriann Wycoff

Department: Chicana/o Studies

Title: Professor - Chicana/o Studies, Co-Principal Investigator - College Assistance Migrant Program, Director - Family Literacy Program

Expertise: Community-based education programs, Family literacy, Migrant education issues, Nontraditional education, Latino literature (poetry emphasis), Women and poverty

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