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Sue Barnd

Department: School of Education

Title: Professor

Expertise: Interview skills for young physical educators, Single-sex and coed physical education class structures, K-12 Physical Education, Girls and women in sport

Barnd, Sue

Darrin Duber-Smith

Department: Marketing

Title: Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Image and brand for candidates and parties, Green marketing, Green products and issues, Sustainability and social responsibility, Sports marketing, Direct marketing, Business-to-business marketing, Retail marketing, Consumerism, Promotion strategies, Baby Boomer marketing, Internet marketing, Super Bowl ads

Kelly Evans

Department: Human Performance and Sport

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Sport management, Sport sponsorship, Sport marketing, Consumer behavior, Sport promotion, Sport enterprise

Evans, Kelly

Arthur (Trey) Fleisher III

Department: Economics

Title: Chair, Professor

Expertise: Sports and economics

Glenn Morris

Department: Human Performance and Sport

Title: Affiliate Professor

Expertise: Strength training for all ages, Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, Athletic conditioning, Weightlifting and powerlifting officiating

Nhu Nguyen

Department: School of Education

Title: Professor

Expertise: Physical Fitness

Marc Rabinoff

Department: Human Performance and Sport

Title: Emeritus Professor

Expertise: Trampoline, Health club, Playground and diving injuries, Personal trainer qualifications, Fitness fraud, Health club standards, Liability - instructor incompetence, Weightlifting supervision, Product warning and use

Rabinoff, Marc

Ben Thompson

Department: Human Performance and Sport

Title: Professor

Expertise: Cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness, Resistance training, General exercise program design, Cardiovascular disease and physical activity, Endothelial function, Weight loss, Fitness certifications, Exercise physiology

Thompson, Ben

Shawn Worthy

Department: Human Services and Counseling

Title: Professor

Expertise: Gender differences in extreme sports, Psychology and performance of high-risk/extreme sports athletes, Sports training and fear, Youth adventure therapy, Crisis intervention, Family dynamics, Family systems, High-risk youth, Teen suicide, Parenting, Workplace stress, Job-family balance

Worthy, Shawn
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