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Jinseup (Ted) Shin


3D Printing, Bilingual, Computers/Information Technology, Engineering and Design


Technology, Product design, Future trend

Degree: M.F.A.

Title: Professor, Chair

Department: Industrial Design


Office Phone: 303-615-1156

Mobile Phone: 720-272-1949

Interviewed by: Design News (Korean Design magazine)

Additional Languages Spoken: Korean

Social Media: Linkedin


"Ted" Jinseup Shin, professor of Industrial Design, received his MFA Degree in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2001. Prior to that he earned his BFA degree in Product Design from the Yeungnam University in Korea.

He worked for Samsung Electronics in Korea for seven years where he designed various products, including Samsung's first clamshell type cell phone that changed their entire production line. He was one of 12 designers from over 700 Samsung designers to be on a special design program in Samsung that allowed him to travel to many countries where he studied how different cultures impact design solutions.

Ted brings this practical experience to his teaching industrial design at MSU Denver. His courses include: Intermediate ID, Model Making, Advanced ID II, and advanced visualization techniques. Ted’s interests are in product-people interaction design, cultural design, new materials and technologies, and creativity. He is a member of IDSA and actively working with companies as a professional design consultant.

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