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Jill Scott




Biological anthropology, Paleoanthropology (especially Homo naledi, Neanderthals and Homo sapiens), Human evolution, Human variation

Degree: M.A.

Title: Laboratory Coordinator

Department: Sociology and Anthropology


Office Phone: 303-605-5806

Social Media: Linkedin


Jill Scott is a biological anthropologist and the Laboratory Coordinator for the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She is currently finishing her doctoral work on the craniofacial evolution of Middle and Late Pleistocene Homo through the University of Iowa. Jill is also part of the team analyzing and describing Homo naledi, the recently announced hominin species from South Africa. To date, she has coauthored four scholarly publications detailing the skeletal anatomy of Homo naledi, and she is currently conducting research on the hand of Homo naledi with colleagues at the University of Colorado Denver and its School of Medicine.

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