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Rebecca Rivera-Serrano

Rivera, Rebecca


Criminal Justice/Criminology, Women's Issues


Dating and domestic violence, Probation, Anti death penalty, Predators who groom victims

Degree: Ed.D.

Title: Affiliate Professor

Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology


Alternate Phone: 303-882-4083

Interviewed by: 850KOA, FOX31

Social Media: Linkedin


Rebecca Rivera-Serrano, Ed.D. is an affiliate professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She spent 20 working in law enforcement for the Department of Justice and as a senior probation officer for the 18th Judicial District in Colorado. During this time, she taught motivational interviewing through probation services within the State Court Administrator's Office.

Rivera-Serrano teaches and mentored men and women returning from prison at a post-secondary level and have designed post-secondary curriculum for correctional education. She developed a life skills curriculum for juveniles and adults who are in high risk environments and/or are serving some form of corrections sentence.

She obtained her doctorate from Creighton University in correctional education. Rivera-Serrano dissertation research addressed: Identifying the Practices that Reduce Criminality Through Community-based Post-secondary Correctional Education. 

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