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Janelle Johnson

Johnson, Janelle


Anthropology, Bilingual, Foreign Language, Linguistics, Sociology, Spanish, Teacher Education


STEM teaching and learning, inclusive STEM pedagogies, culturally and linguistically diverse education, broadening participation in STEM, university-school partnerships

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor

Department: School of Education


Office Phone: 303-615-0644

Mobile Phone: (720) 326-8839

Interviewed by: 9NEWS, Telemundo Denver, WalletHub

Additional Languages Spoken: Español

Social Media: Linkedin


Janelle Johnson, Ph.D., is an associate professor with the School of Education at MSU Denver, where she teaches in STEM teaching and learning. Prior to her current role, she was the STEM equity specialist at MSU Denver and a coordinator for Project SEED-Scholarships for Education and Economic Development at the University of Arizona. Johnson was also the program coordinator for a State Department-funded leadership institute for indigenous university students from Latin America. During this time, she served as a guest researcher at the Center for Research and Higher Education in Social Anthropology. She has also taught math and science to elementary and middle school students.

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