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Amy Eckert

Amy Eckert


International Studies, Law, Politics/Public Policy


International relations, International ethics, Poverty and debt forgiveness, Humanitarian intervention, Human rights, Private military companies

Degree: J.D., Ph.D.

Title: Professor

Department: Political Science


Office Phone: 303-615-2027

Alternate Phone: 720-353-9055

Interviewed by: Teleumundo Denver

Additional Languages Spoken: Español

Social Media: Linkedin


Amy Eckert, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Political Science at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She has been teaching for several decades and has served as interim director of the Honors program at MSU Denver.

In recent years, Eckert has been teaching about the just war tradition, providing students with an understanding of norms often applied to justify the waging of war. Her latest research applies these norms to the new realities of privatized war. Eckert has published several works on war, including the book “Outsourcing War: The Just War Tradition in the Age of Military Privatization” in 2016 and “Critical Approaches to the Ethics of War” in the Routledge Handbook of Ethics and International Relations in 2018. Her additional research interests include international relations, international ethics and international law.

Eckert received her doctorate in international politics and international law and juris doctorate from University of Denver and a bachelor’s in government and international studies from University of Notre Dame.

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