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Ramon Del Castillo

DelCastillo, Ramon


Bilingual, Colorado - The Purple State, Latino Issues, Racial Issues/Hate Crime, Social Justice, Spanish


Latino public policy issues and concerns, Diversity in American society, Chicana/o studies, Latino youth leadership development, Poetry

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Professor, Chair

Department: Chicana/o Studies


Office Phone: 303-615-1166

Alternate Phone: 303-868-9025

Interviewed by: Fox News, Univision, Viva Colorado, The Denver Post, Hispanically Speaking News, FOX News Latino, Denver7

Additional Languages Spoken: Español


Del Castillo teaches Social Justice/Activism Chicano. 

He has taught at Metropolitan State University of Denver since 1984.

Del Castillo’s publications include "Institutionalizing Curanderismo in Colorado's Community Mental Health System," "Institutionalizing Curanderismo into a Mainstream Healing System: Boundary Spanners and Innovation in Action” and "The Life History of Diana Velazquez: La Curandera Total."

Del Castillo traveled in Mexico for five years and developed collaborative binational curricula between the nonprofit and civil society sectors through the Making Connections in Mexico Program.

He is a columnist for El Semanario and focuses on public policy issues regarding Chicanas/os in American society.

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