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Aaron Brown

Brown, Aaron


Economic Impacts, Engineering and Design, International Studies, Mechanical Engineering


Humanitarian engineering, International education

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Mechanical Engineering Technology Coordinator, Professor

Department: Mechanical Engineering/Engineering Technology


Office Phone: 303-615-0225

Interviewed by: The Denver Post

Social Media: Linkedin


B.S., California State University-Chico; M.S., University of Colorado-Boulder; Ph.D., University of Colorado-Boulder; Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Professor Aaron Brown's background includes aerospace industry work. Among his notable project contributions were design work on the landing mechanism for the Mars Science Laboratory Rover Mission AKA Curiosity. Mechanism design work for Hubble Robotics and on Global Precipitation Measurement Instrument Missions. Additionally, he has worked at the National Institute of Standards and Technology designing test equipment to measure stress-strain relationships to superconductor performance.

His past work on the tethering landing mechanism used to lower the Mars rover Curiosity to the Red Planet’s surface is part of a $2.5 billion program NASA says will assess whether the Gale Crater area of Mars has ever had the potential to support a habitable environment.

His current research interests include electric vehicle optimization and design, robotics, and harvesting solar energy, green energy, and Humanitarian Engineering. He created a course called Humanitarian Engineering, where he took students to Costa Rica for 10 days in January 2013 to work on a water project for a new school.

Brown recently completed a Ph.D. in Civil System Engineering with a topic in Sustainable Community Development, and implementing technologies that help marginalized communities.

Brown is an ex-professional bike racer, and in his free time enjoys cycling, skiing, hiking, travel and exploring other cultures.

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