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E-learning, Course Development and Support

Educational Technology Center (ETC) provides assistance in areas such as course design, content implementation, instructional technology, training, Blackboard Learn consultation and media production. We help plan, enhance, develop and implement engaging online courses that match with your teaching style and philosophy.

Let us help you learn and use strategies and techniques that have worked well in the online classroom. Contact us if you have a question about course development or if you just want to chat with us about the new technique or technology that your colleague is using. Our job is to keep you up-to-date with the latest and the greatest (trends, techniques and methodologies) in elearning.

The ETC assists MSU Denver faculty with online course design and development, multimedia design and development, content implementation, training, technology consultation and Blackboard Learn support.

Please complete our Service Request Form for assistance.

Additionally, the ETC can digitize your learning material and develop commercial-quality interactive applications to enhance your instruction and help your students reach learning goals and performance objectives.

Blackboard Learn

MSU Denver uses Blackboard Learn, a powerful learning management system (LMS), to host online and blended course offerings. It provides web-based tools that simplify and streamline course creation and delivery of content. It includes tools such as gradebook, internal email, a calendaring system, discussion tool which is able to facilitate student-instructor and student-student interaction and a synchronous chat function. Exams and Assignments can be delivered, completed and submitted online.

ETC provides consultation, training and support to effectively utilize and leverage the Blackboard Learn system. For more information on training visit our Training page.

Blackboard Learn for On-Campus Courses

The course management system is available for all sections, residential and online.  Faculty who plan to use Blackboard Learn in their residential course and have not taught online encouraged to view the online tutorials.  



Online Course Design

The ETC development team assists faculty with the design, development and delivery of instructional materials. We combine technology resources and expert consultation to help faculty create quality online, hybrid and blended courses. Our experienced course developers are available for a Blackboard design consultation. Consultations may be brief, a phone call or may be extended, taking place over the course of a few months or a semester.

Additionally, we offer teaching and learning tips and tricks, best practices, as well as templates, icons, and headers. These resources were created by ETC and are for you to freely use in your courses. Please note; as the subject matter experts (SME), faculty members are responsible for all content related to the course. Course content includes all course materials (lecture notes, learning materials, assignments, assessments, discussions, relevant links, etc).

Dates for Course Design

Deadline dates are established to ensure the ETC team has appropriate time and resources to allocate to your request.  Please schedule a planning meeting with a course developer at least two weeks prior to the deadlines to ensure the completion of your request.  You will need time to gather your material before the technical work can begin.   Requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. To schedule a meeting with a course developer, please complete the Service Request Form.

New Course or Course Redesign – Eight weeks prior to start of term
All content must be developed and delivered to us no later than eight weeks prior to the start of term. Content delivered after that date is not guaranteed to be ready for the new semester.  Media and interactive applications require time to produce and schedule. All requests for new media must be submitted eight weeks prior to the start of term. The appropriate staff will contact you to setup a follow-up meeting to discuss and clarify the scope of your needs.

Major Modification – Six weeks prior to start of term
Outline of the changes and updates must be submitted electronically no later than six weeks before the start of term. Content delivered after that date is not guaranteed to be ready for the new semester.

Major modifications include: major text revisions, structural/architectural changes, file or organization changes, changes to media (video/audio material), and changes to animation/interactive applications.

Minor Editing – Four weeks prior to start of term.
Please provide an outline of the changes and updates electronically no later than four weeks prior to the start of the semester. Content delivered after that date is not guaranteed to be ready for the new semester.

Minor modifications include: changing dates and minor text changes or updates  (no extensive changes or additions).  Also, we welcome you to drop by any of our open lab sessions for assistance.  The schedule is available on our Laboratory page.



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