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Media Production

The ETC media production team offers state-of-the-art Classroom and Multimedia recording, editing, compressing and digitizing services for high-end video production. Using the latest, professional software and hardware the ETC can produce accessible, quality online audio and video including High Definition Video. The ETC has the capability to distribute live audio or video to the MSU Denver community or any computer with Internet access.

Media production requires extensive development time and involves additional scheduling with our team.  Please contact the MSU Denver Help Desk at 303-352-7548 to schedule your project and or to learn about best practices and to discuss ADA guidelines. The ETC can assure most media projects will be ready for the desired term if they are received eight weeks prior to the start of the term. Media projects received after the deadline will be accepted, but not guaranteed to be ready for the first week of the semester. Audio and video projects must be accompanied with text for ADA compliance.

Our media capabilities includes:

  • Video/Audio
  • Custom Photography
  • Professional Photography Services Including Portraits
  • Capture Live Classroom
  • Record Events, Guest Lectures and Presentations
  • Produce Podcasts
  • Provide Consultation
  • Caption Video and Audio for Online Courses
  • Produce Documentary and Training Videos
  • Produce Promotional Videos
  • Produce Videos and/or Audios for Online and Traditional Courses Including Introductions and Module Overviews
  • Record and Produce Professional Audio in Our Sound Booth
  • Digitize VHS and Analog Tapes
  • Professional Media Services

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