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Accessing Courses as a Course Coordinator/Chair

If your a Course Coordinator or Department Chair, you can access Blackboard Learn courses by enrolling into them as needed and unenrolling when your completed with your work.  Below are instructions on how to access a course that you have been granted access to make changes or review.


1.  Login to Blackboard Learn (

2.  Click on the System Admin tab near the top right.  If you do not see this option, the department chair will need to contact the Educational Technology Center to have you setup as a Course Coordinator.

3.  Click on the Courses link inside the Courses Module

4. Select "Not Blank" next to the Course Name option and click to Go button to view all courses you have access to.

5.  Once the list of courses appear, click on the Course ID for the course you wish to access

6.  Once the course appears, click on the Quick Enroll button to get full access to the course

7.  You will be prompted to click ok to verify that you would like to be added as an instructor to the course

8.  Once your completed your review or changes, click the Unenroll button

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