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Call for Participation

Blackboard Learn is MSU Denver’s newest learning management system and will replace Blackboard Vista in spring 2014, which has been in use since 2006. Blackboard Learn will be piloted by a group of 20 faculty during the Summer 2013 and a much larger group of faculty in Fall 2013.  Beginning with the Spring 2014 semester, Blackboard Learn will be the default learning management system for all MSU Denver courses.

A faculty-driven task force selected the new system last spring and all faculty and staff were surveyed to capture campus-wide input.  We are confident that faculty and students will find the numerous feature improvements in the new system very beneficial.  For instance, Blackboard Learn provides a plethora of new and exciting tools, easier rollover of content from previous semesters, integration with mail, better browser compatibility and support for popular mobile devices. Blackboard Learn also improves knowledge sharing, enhances communication, and provides greater flexibility managing content.

To support the migration to Blackboard Learn, seven self-paced ‘courses’ that cover majority of new features are provided. The courses will allow you to learn how to utilize the system more effectively, so you can easily manage and revise your courses and updates. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and get an early start on the training.

Those of you wishing to teach in the new system during the fall 2013 semester, we ask that you complete the first four training courses:

01 Getting Started With Blackboard Learn
02 Blackboard Training - Building Courses
03 Blackboard Training - Enhancing Communication
04 Blackboard Training - Assessing Learners

 Upon completion of the fourth course, you will be asked to complete a “Letter of Intent” form.  Once completed, you will be provided instructions for selecting which courses you would like copied from the current Vista system to the new Learn system and be provided access to your courses within the new system.  You will also be provided a checklist to assist you with cleaning and configuring your course(s) in the new system. 

4 Steps to Start

Step 1

Log into the new Blackboard Learn and complete the first four training courses:

1) Getting Started with Blackboard Learn
2) Blackboard Training - Building Courses
3) Blackboard Training - Enhancing Communication
4) Blackboard Training - Assessing Learners

Step 2

Complete the 'Letter of Intent' form found at the end of the fourth training course.

Step 3

Follow the step-by-step course migration/creation instructions, which will be sent to your e-mail automatically as soon as the 'Letter of Intent' is submitted.

Step 4

Teach your Fall 2013 course using Blackboard Learn. And remember, the Blackboard Learn Migration Team is here to assist you.

Course Migration Checklist

The tutorials in this section can only be applied to Blackboard courses migrated from the WebCT/Vista environment to the new Blackboard Learn 9.2.

These tutorials will help you locate all your migrated content and provide you with the Step by Step instructions on what you need to know, what you need to do and where to locate the course tools, links and various content. 

Every tutorial contains additional resources such as video and documentation related to the course tool. 

You can access the Post Migration Checklist below:

Blackboard Lean Post-Migration Action Steps


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