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Derren Duburguet



Derren Duburguet has over 9 years of teaching experience at Metropolitan State University of Denver in the Aviation and Aerospace Science department. He earned both Bachelor and Master degrees from San Diego State University in Physical Geography, specializing in spatial modeling and remote sensing. After graduating, Derren spent 9 years in software engineering working for municipal governments, utility companies, and large financial institutions. During the latter half of this period, Derren also worked on the weekends as a flight instructor: teaching private citizens how to operate small single- and multi-engine aircraft.

From 2002 to 2004, Derren spent his evenings teaching at MSU Denver as an adjunct professor. In 2005, Derren left the IT Industry and completely focused his career on flying. Derren flew for the regional airlines for 5 years earning type ratings on the SAAB 340, Embraer 145, and Q-400 aircraft. Ultimately, Derren found teaching to be a much more rewarding experience than being an airline pilot. In 2010, Derren returned to MSU Denver as a tenure-track professor. In addition to teaching freshman through to senior level courses offered in the Aviation and Aerospace Science department, Derren helped implement and was lead instructor in a STEM outreach/bridge program for high school students in the Cherry Creek school district.

Joice Gibson, Ph.D.



Joice Waterhouse Gibson earned her Ph.D. at the University of Colorado at Boulder under the guidance of Dr. Thomas Riis, where she conducted a musical and cultural analysis of the English comic opera Inkle and Yarico from England to America, 1787-1844, particularly regarding issues of race, class, gender, and slavery. Her master’s thesis at CU focused on transcultural music participation, which was based on ethnomusicological fieldwork study with a local Balinese gamelan and Eastern-European vocal group.
Joice is Senior Lecturer in Musicology at Metropolitan State University of Denver, a Past President of the College Music Society Rocky Mountain Chapter, Program Co-Chair for the Denver Recorder Society, and serves as the Conference Manager for SAM. She has presented papers at regional, national, and international conferences and has participated as an invited panelist at several national and international conferences.
In addition to her academic career, Joice is a Certified Independent Health Coach through the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education at Villanova University. Having shed over 150 lbs and transforming her own health, she is helping others create optimal health through development of lifelong healthy habits using the comprehensive and medically sound Optavia™ (“optimal way”) program.

Lisa Hagan, Ph.D.



My name is Lisa Kindleberger Hagan and I started working at MSU Denver in the fall of 2004.  I am originally from St. Louis and attended graduate school at Saint Louis University. I moved to Denver with my husband 13 years ago upon receiving this job offer.
At MSU Denver, I work within the Human Development major which is housed in the Psychology department. I teach Developmental Psychology courses such as Child Development, Lifespan Development, Cognitive Development, etc. While I have taught online for 10 years, I have never been formally trained to teach in an online format. Thus, I am excited to take part in this QM training. In the past, my research interests have focused on parental monitoring of children’s physical risk taking, and active learning in higher education. Presently, my research examines parent’s gender socialization through play. Within the department, I serve as the advising coordinator for the Human Development major.
Outside of work, I spend time with my kids and husband.


Matt P. Griswold, Ed.D.

Matt has devoted his professional life to ensuring access and success for students who walk an uncertain path to earning a postsecondary degree. This has included proving to high schoolers they can succeed in college by enrolling them in collegiate academic experiences, college and career preparation for low-income K-12 students, and online programs for those weaving education into their ongoing lives. Matt’s educational path includes a B.S in Journalism from Ohio University, an M.S. in Education Policy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and an Ed.D. in Educational Administration and Leadership from Arizona State University.


Tyler Bachelder, M.S


I am from the department of Aviation and Aerospace Science, where I have taught as an affiliate faculty member since 2011, and an Assistant Professor since 2016. I earned a B.S. in Commercial Aviation and Flight Education from the University of North Dakota in 2006, and an M.S. in Aviation in 2010, also from the University of North Dakota.

While with the Aviation and Aerospace science department, I have utilized numerous online formats for content delivery. We began with commercially available LMS content delivery for flipped classroom settings, moved into pure online sections, and eventually moved into in-house content development and delivery. Our department goal is to continue developing in-house content to improve student access and usability as well as course flexibility.

My current research topics include assessing student usability of online learning management systems. I am also developing and evaluating tools to improve student retention and memorization of aviation procedures.


Desiré J.M. Anastasia-Cartwright, Ph.D.


Desiré J.M. Anastasia-Cartwright, Ph.D., completed her Doctor of Philosophy degree in sociology from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan in September 2008. She also received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences: Law & Society from Michigan State University in East Lansing in 1999, and her Master of Liberal Arts degree in Women’s Studies from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti in 2001. In addition to the above, Desiré received her 200-RYT certification from Samadhi Center for Yoga & Meditation in April 2014. Her areas of research specialization include program evaluation, sociology of the body, gender inequality, interpersonal violence, the use of yoga for trauma, social control, and theoretical perspectives. Dr. Anastasia-Cartwright is currently an Associate Professor of Sociology at Metropolitan State University of Denver and an online/hybrid instructor of Criminal Justice at San Diego State University.


Cynthia S. Onken Glimm

Email: conkengl@msudenver. edu

Cindy has been teaching part-time at Metropolitan State University of Denver since fall of 2008. She teaches or has taught Wine Fundamentals, New World & Old World Wine, Wine & Food Pairing, Food Fundamentals and also teaches Wine Fundamentals I & II courses for the International Sommelier Guild. She developed an Enology: The Making of Wine course for Metro and taught it for the first time in the Fall of 2012 with local winemaker, Michelle Cleveland, of Creekside Cellars in Evergreen.  The students learn firsthand how to make wine with Michelle and Cindy. They are part of every step including the grapes arriving at the winery to actually bottling the juice.

In 2013, she also co-developed the Beers of the World class and teaches it for the Hospitality Tourism and Events Department. She is a Certified Beer Server through the Cicerone.  She also teaches a variety of Events classes such as Event Project Planning, Intro to Hospitality, Event Catering Strategies and Special Events & Wedding Planning.

She pursued her wine training from the International Sommelier Guild. She received her Diploma in 2005 as a Certified Sommelier.  She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in French and has spent time studying, teaching and working abroad.  Summer of 2010, she received her Certified Specialist of Wine certificate from the Society of Wine Educators and is now a Proctor for the group in Denver. She also received her Level 1 with the Court of Master Sommelier in May of 2013.

She had been working at an oil and gas company when she started her wine adventures and was part of her boss' vineyard research team, out of Paso Robles, California. She was fortunate to be able to be part of that planning process of finding the vineyard land to planting it out and developing a state of the art winery.

Linda Lockwood, Ph.D.



My Ph.D. Is in a field called Behavioral Neuroscience with the majority of my research for my Ph.D. being in a field that tries to understand the interaction between the brain, mind, and the immune system.  I teach classes associated with what happens when things go wrong and right in our brains.  I have been teaching at Metropolitan State University for 26 years and have extensive experience in teaching in a variety of forms to varied audiences.  My past research interests have included psychoneuroimmunology, techniques to enhance outcomes in premature infants, and Parkinson’s Disease.  I have primarily been dedicated to becoming a master teacher in my years of service at MSU-Denver.  I have received a certification in Distance Learning from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge in online instruction.  In my spare time, I like to garden, make jewelry, read for fun, and do missions work with my church.  I have two sons and two dogs who bring me great joy and keep me very busy


 Cheryl Sanders, Ph.D.


Dr. Sanders is a full professor of Psychology at MSU Denver. She earned a M.A. in Higher Education and a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Iowa State University. She has over 20 years of teaching experience at the college level utilizing various educational formats including face-to-face, online, and hybrid presentations. Dr. Sanders’ research interests include bullying (traditional and cyber), victimization, and moral development. She was co-editor of the book Bullying: Implications for the Classroom and has published articles in psychological journals including Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Teaching of Psychology, and Psychology, Crime, and Law.


Jequita P. McDaniel, Ph.D.



Doctor of Philosophy in Arts & Science - Social Psychology and Environmental Studies (Ecopsychology), Union Institute University, 2009.
Master of Arts in Social Psychology - Regis University, 2000.
Bachelor of Arts & Science - Cultural Anthropology and Journalism, Metropolitan State University, 1984.

Jequita (JP) began teaching at the college level in 2000, holding faculty positions at Colorado School of Mines, Red Rocks Community College, Naropa University, Devry University, and Metropolitan State University. She also works as an environmental community engagement consultant, plus has private practice focusing on relationships and life transitions. She has extensive experience with service learning, volunteering and board member with environmental organizations. She holds several national certifications in parenting and birthing education, Marriage and Family Mediation, and has studied and taught Non-Violent Communication extensively. She also holds a master's level certification in Adult Education, Training, and Program Development. In addition, she has over 25 years’ as a newspaper journalist, serves as a peer reviewer for national publications, and is the author of children's book about environmentalist Mardy Murie (Mardy Murie Did!). JP has a deep interest in human relationships  with nature and is one of the first doctoral graduates in the emerging  Ecopsychology field.


Alex Nardes, Ph.D



Coming from an Engineering background, I find it extremely important to impart practical skills to students, both at the graduate and undergraduate level. While it is fundamental that today’s students understand contemporary technologies, to truly succeed in engineering they must also be able to apply the fundamentals into practical problems and through this process learn relevant skills that will provide them a competitive advantage. These include critical thinking, effective communication, problem solving and team collaboration, among others. Consequently, I tailor my classes to challenge students to improve in these areas, with the end goal of becoming better employees, team members and last but least, skilled engineers.

As a professor, I have high expectations and demand a lot of my students. However, my teaching style is laid back and interactive. I foster a relaxed classroom environment and promote active participation, regardless of the subject. I work very hard to make the learning process relevant, engaging and fun, and I always seek to make myself accessible to my students to help coach and mentor them, both academically and professionally.

I love being an advisor, supervisor, instructor, mentor and professor. Doing so gives me the opportunity to nurture devoted students, share valuable lessons I have learned, prepare talented individuals for the science and technology world and continue my learning. To me, nothing is more rewarding.


Bethany Fleck, Ph.D., MST



Dr. Bethany Fleck received her PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of New Hampshire. While there she also earned a Masters in the Science of College Teaching. Her research centers on cognitive development in childhood education and university classroom contexts. Both lines of research draw on developmental theory with the overall goal of enhancing the learning environment for students of all levels. Recently she has been working on a project that measures growth and fixed mindset in 6th through 12th grade urban youth. In the classroom, her research as of late focuses on the effects of service learning, grading systems, syllabi manipulations, and the integration of social media.  Bethany is currently an Associate Professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver teaching courses in the human development and psychology majors. In her courses she is committed to an active, learner-centered approach to teaching.

Dr. Tina Herring

Dr. Tina Herring is an Associate Professor of Special Education in the department of Special Education, Early Childhood, and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Dr. Herring has been in the field of education for almost 20 years. She began her teaching career as a teacher for the deaf at a middle school in Salem, Oregon. In 2002, she graduated with her doctorate in Special Education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Ohio State University. Her previous research interests focused on active student responding strategies and techniques in classrooms for the deaf. Her current research interest includes adapting online learning for students with disabilities at the postsecondary level. Dr. Herring currently teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses at MSU Denver.

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